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  1. I am having the same problem and I am not using a mac I created a graphics folder in my Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2020 folder and then placed a faces folder in there and downloaded a faces pack. I then followed the below instructions but the faces are not showing up in my game, has anybody any ideas? Cheers Next go into your Football Manager 2020 game, click the 'FM' icon in the top right and go to 'preferences'. When the next screen loads, click the 'advanced' tab in the top left and select 'interface' from the drop down menu on the right. Click th
  2. I used the player template that Kubi posted, works great. Thanks for the help
  3. I am trying to add a photo to a regen in FM18 I have already installed the faces cut out pack and installed it, I also have a photo (that I took from Regen replacements) that I hope to use for the regen and I have renamed it with the user id that I got from the game. I have then added the photograph to my faces folder (with all the photos from the face pack). I then followed the below and put the below line on the config file that came with the faces pack. -Add this line to the group of lines in the config file inside the folder where you put the picture file: <record from="(ID
  4. How do you do the below in FM18? Of course i know that its possible to give any player i want to a specific photo..... but this is very inconvinient, even though i just do it for my own players.
  5. Hello all I am also looking for a new/upgrade on my laptop and my main reason for purchasing is to play FM, I have had a look here in HK and I need to purchase through a certain shop so I can pay over 12 months. My options on availability are therefore limited. Anyway this one seems really good for the price, can anybody confirm that this would be a good option for the upcoming 2018 version of FM? Help/advice would be appreciated. It will cost $6,799.00 HKD which is around 680 - 700 quid. Cheers HP HP15-ay129TX HP15-ay129TX 15.6" FHD/i7-7500U/8 Specificat
  6. Does anybody have any schedule that they use for pre season training? I seem to get blocks of injuries with this schedule, 3 players 2 months each. Anybody else experiencing this?
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