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    As a passionate football fan and a Football Manager fan, I decided to start a website (scoutwin.com ) with a sole purpose to offer young talents, players, scouts and managers to get connected. With a large base of soccer players around a world scouts can now easily find players and offer them a tryout at their club, managers can find new prospects and players have a chance to one day become famous footballers.

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    Big Soccer (football) and Football Manager fan.

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    Real Madrid

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    Atlético Madrid

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  1. I know that a lot of people, millions for sure, who have ever or never played football (soccer) at one point tried and played Football Manager game. Me? I have played it since FM2010 and I must say it a so addictive game that I can't event count the late nights and early morning that I spent playing this game. One of the best things for me, in this game is the fact that you can scout young players, youth prospects, sign them for your team and if your lucky enough see them become legends at your club. This gave an idea. Why not try to connect young players, youth players from all over the world with scouts and managers. Why not give young players a chance to one day become a legend at some club like many have became legends at the clubs that I have managed in FM over the years. So, with the help of the right people I have started a website ScoutWin. Here, we have 3 profile levels. 1. level is a player level. As a football (soccer) player, no matter how good you are you can open an create your own profile, add videos, photos and other information's about yourself and your career so far. 2. level are the scouts. If you are a professional scout, our on your way to become one, you can create a profile and look for the players in a large database. Once you have found a player (or players) that you find interesting, you can easily contact them. Maybe that player is a gem that your club is looking for. 3. level is a manager level. Now this level is reserved for player managers that are looking for fresh new talents to represent. It works the same way as scout profiles does with some differences. It's a great way to find new prospects for clubs isn't it. Anywho, the site is scoutwin.com so feel free to visit and give me a comment on that you think. Thank ya all.
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