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  1. Result v Malmo, Champs League 2nd Qual Round Ouchies
  2. Result v TNS well That ended the run of SM teams not making the next round lol Next Round.... Opponents..... Lets see..
  3. Sure! Mina And heres my other 2 forwards Valentini Giannini Mina hasnt improved much, probably because A. he has a ***** Personality, and B. he is injury prone. Plus im still semi pro, I guess that doesnt help. I havent had any bids at all for Mina... never got one.
  4. So my 1st European Encounter.... Hopefully we will be dancing in the streets of Cosmos tonight
  5. Ok time for a few seasons update: I smash for a few season as I wanted to get into Europe and tbh, the game was being a bitch, Season 2022-23 Review So another season of nothingness, Lost in the cup to Fiorentino and in the league in the knockout stage. Season 2023-24 Review More frustrating, knockout of on penalties in both competiton, both to Fiorentino, and both after dominating the match. Fiorentino are not my favourite team Season 2024-25 Review Ok, firstly apologies for the crap 2 updates above. Now this season, I had a look at my squad, and decided to switch to a 4-3-3, basic old school formation, but seemed to fit in all my best players well (one of the fun things about this challenge imo is the necessity to build a formation around your players, not buy players to fit your formation) Straight away I noticed Mina (the dude above) wasnt roaming so much and staying more around the centre of the pitch. Also knowing my squad was the best in the league I went attacking mentality. The goals started flying in. Most games I scored over 3 goals, so I thought this season I would end my Europe hoodoo and finally get in (I needed to, another year out and I would be heavily in debt), Here is an example of one of my games. So I walked my side of the league, and strolled into the cup final, against Tre Penne, a team I dont generally lose to so should be a Europa place... and yea.... 2 shots on target, 2 goals... Here we go again. Now the league knockout, got the the Major Semi Final (lol, major), beat Virtus with ease, but... Mina gets injured for 2 months... In comes the grey star striker Molina for the final, replacing my 31 goals in 29 games striker, for the biggest match for me yet... Facing Folgore, who have a good record against me.... Finally I am into Europe, a brace for all 3 of my strikers, including Molina. As for the other SM teams, they havent proceeded in any round yet. As you can see my finances were getting low, I was actually minus before the cup final.
  6. It is pretty off putting, thought about bumping the other thread you made a while back with this info, see if SI respond again, they may have forgot/hope you guys forgot about it
  7. I'll give you 500-1 he has accepted a job offer from Dinamo
  8. I just won my 1st "league" but lost in the playoffs too, just takes one "15 shots to 4 and lose 1-0" game and the league is lost.
  9. 10 goal in seven games for Mina, then this happens early November I think I am more happy with this than I really should be, as this will be him injured through the january transfer window... Could be key for me keeping him.
  10. Yea... Hes got 2 San Marino caps already, not even played a league game for me yet.. Really hope to keep hold of him.
  11. 2020-2021 Season Review Competitions, Last in both... forgot the screenies, getting used to this lol, managed to lose 7-1 to Virtus as well, a little embarrassing Team taking shape... NOW.. onto 2021-2022 Season Review Competitions: The board wanted me to finish mid table, I woulda finished higher in the other league (for those who dont know the san marino league system, dont ask, its just far too complex!) My biggest problem was scoring goals though.. So many 0-0s, my team was screaming out for at least one striker, then the kids arrived in february for Youth Intake... and this fella was one of them. This guy, compared to my other strikers, is out of this world (#spacepun). For comparison purposes, the best striker I had before this intake was Diego Molina (see the comparison list to the side) so I got my best 3 this run. Sadly I didnt make Europe, so keeping hold of these guys for another year is gonna be tough, especially as his 17th bday is just before the January window, thats gonna be harsh. Here is my current squad. Next season I gotta qualify for the next stage of the league, but really Europe is what i need. Our teams all did bad again btw. Last 3 years, I got rejected for Junior and said, "I thought we was on the same wavelength" and they turned the decision around.
  12. 2019-2020 Season review Competitions: Other Teams: all crap again, they need me in there Alot of bad luck early on, so tried tinkering with formations, not so much luck. Youth Intake was not so good as far as I can see. Time will tell though, as its still the case that every intake has PA of 5* so I am not sure if they are good or pants. The lack of tutoring I guess is a drawback too, will be a good few seasons before I can do that. Junior Coaching is going well too...
  13. whats with the youth facilities flying up all of a sudden? Oh and gz to to the national team for reaching their highest position, nows the time for national team takeover?