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  1. I think the PA is based on the level of the competition in your league or something like that.... thats my theory anyways.
  2. wow at that intake, im starting to guess that level of players in the intake is more down to the rep of the league, and youth recruitment isnt as important as it 1st looks.... my san marino team havent had an intake like that at all and my facilities are far better, am interested to see what milne etc turn into.
  3. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    @Jupjamie They done it! again no announcement..... fack.... I can promise you I havent editted anything (havent even bought the editor lol) The league ranking reached a high of 54th, and Cosmos have reached a new high of 76th after reaching the europa group stages again. Also something of note, is the end of the season, we had a new Chairman take over.
  4. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    The dream run is over, but not without a fight and another draw, Which left me with 8.725 co-effs for the year, crazy amount. And another stadium being built, one in my name
  5. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    As soon as I drew this group I thought this outcome maybe possible, Bayern and Sevilla beat us and the greeks home and away, and it left just us and Panathinaikos to fight out the last spot. We drew the 1st match away, which led me to look up how qualification works, and in head to head, away goals count, even in the group stages, so even when we went 1-0 up, if they scored we would likely go out, due to the 7-0. When we got the second, i went contain and saw out the minutes. Last match was an instant result lol. So yea, Im still in Europe, and as you can see, this has been the flukiest run ever, an away goals win (I underestimated Zilnius and went all out attack, which was nearly my downfall there), the Basel penalties, and a lucky group, although the Panathinaikos games were a deserved draw and a deserved win. Europa, 1st knockout opponents.... Maybe.... the run continues? Also for @Jupjamie, got to 1st January, season after my 1st Qualification for Champs League and no upgrade, still Limited.... looks like it is stuck there, and the manual change is the only way.
  6. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    Drew the defending champions in my group.... 44 shots haha... most one sided game i have seen ever i think.
  7. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    2 years running!! This year we drew Basel in the playoff, who always beat us: Defensive football for the win, 2 absolutely dire games, and the worst penalty shoot out ever (as you can see there it was 1-1 after the first 5 each), but I couldnt give a monkeys!
  8. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    Well I scraped a draw last game, left me with total of 5.6 coeff points for the club for the season, which is huge.
  9. whats with the stadiums in Europe btw, having a 9k stadia, and yet they insist on us (san marino folk) playing at the San Marino Stadium...
  10. Still, Europa League commenth, 2 good co-eff years in a row
  11. did you get any suprise tv money at the end of the season like you get in the Europa Cup?
  12. So I check for the 1st time me in a few days and you beat Copenhagen, sell a dude to Liverpool (wow!) and reach the group stages, quite a few days you had there, glad you got to the groups before me (just) also, you losing to cosmos made me smile, like I actually have some affinity to them haha.
  13. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    The year is 2053... having reached the europa cup group stages 3 out of 5 years, i was in my highest coefficient position ever , and after beating dinamo tbilisi in the 2nd round of the champs cup I found myself seeded for the 3rd round, and drew Maccabi Tel Aviv, (all the teams were very beatable except partizan who I avoided.) Easily dispatched them 5-1 on aggregate. So the Play Off round and not seeded, the possible teams were of Dinamo, Malmo, FC Kobenhavn, Austria Wien and Steaua Bucharest, I drew Wien..... Wow! 1st leg deserved victory, second leg my Goalie got MOTM, when does that ever happen! I'm in the Champions League proper ! Instantly get 1.7 million for winning that match, then 10 million for making it to the group stages!
  14. Bood

    Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    Shame, that was a really nice group to be in, the last hadjuk game could really have gone either way, and if luck was on my side, i would have finished, second, still an amazing season in europe, not overrun in any game.