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  1. I get the same error message, however it is only when I have tried to view my U18s highlights.
  2. Still going good, but I was just wondering if you are able to recommend any custom graphics that you do not think would cause problems. I understand if you recommend not running any.
  3. Hello Felix, I have removed all custom graphics and so far so good, however I only played one game and did not even progress a week, just wanted to give a little update. I will update more as I play more. Thank You, J.D.
  4. No, I have not had much time recently to play FM17 and have not bothered to remove the add-ons yet. However before I next play I will remove everything and update you.
  5. Hi Felix, I was not having problems with the game while running them until just recently. However I will try removing them and see if it changes anything. I'll update with further information when I have it. Thank You, J.D.
  6. Hello, This is my first year playing FM and I have absolutely loved it up until recently this issue has been popping up for me at random moments. At first I thought it was while trying to look at my U23 teams highlights (it happened twice at the same spot for the first two times) but it began to happen at random moments, even in-game. Addons downloaded from FM Scout: Real Name Fix, FM 2017 Standard Logo Pack, FM Scope Facepack 2017, Vitrex17 v2.0 skin, Football manager 2017 Trophies megapack, and many of the FB kits megapack. PC: Lenovo y700 Touch Windows 10 Antivirus: Windows Defender Thank You, J.D.
  7. I am having this problem as well, I'm a little relieved to see that it's not just me with this problem
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