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  1. Hi Felix, I tried the run as admin but then it launches in fullscreen again and it doesnt start... any way to open it through admin in small screen/windowed mode? Thanks for the help
  2. Hi Frazt, How do I reach the preferences from outside the game? Because once I start the game, after the loading screen it immediately enters the "problem screen" without the continue button... Cheers,
  3. Hi FrazT, Havent changed the screen resolutions and not using a third party skin. It just seems to not show the continue button on the screen where I enter my profile name/favorite club/etc. All the buttons are working that I see including the twitter/facebook connection ones.
  4. Hi, So I used the -small_screen -windowed command as a launch option. As of now I am getting images and the game loads. However because I deleted the cache and preference folder it now asks me to reenter my profile but there is no continue button. I noticed there was a thread before with someone with this problem and in that thread the solution seemed to be to delete the cache, preference folders again and then verify. I did this several times although it didnt work. I changed the size of window to check if the button was hiding somewhere but I couldnt find it. Hoping you have another solution to this. Cheers,
  5. Hi Neil, Just tried the above (had no time the other day) but after installing the latest AMD Radeon drivers and deleting the cache and preferences, the same message appears on the tv screen I use as a monitor. I must note that the message is not displayed by my computer but the "Mode Not Supported" message comes from the monitor as if it is trying to run FM in a resolution not supported by my monitor. Anything that we could do about this? Maybe I could try changing the FM resolution without entering the game? Thanks for all the help so far
  6. Hi, Ive been running fm 2017 for a few months perfectly fine until the latest windows 10 update. Every time I start the game, the screen goes black and my monitor (tv monitor, think thats part of the problem) displays a message Mode Not Supported. I have my computer hooked up to a Samsung Tv Screen on 1280 * 720 but I have to adjust the size off my screen because it goes over the edges. This didnt appear to a problem before but after updating my windows 10 today to the latest version it just wont run at all anymore. I have cleared the cache and verified game files etc but any help that could solve this problem is greatly appreciated. ive checked through the other threads but while the problems are similar they are I think not the same and their solutions have not helped me yet.
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