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  1. I have a question @knap I know that you do not provide tactics on FM base anymore, but maybe you remember which of your tactics was the best rated lately?
  2. How increase level Youth Academy?? After +10 years in Valencia i have 14/20 academy. I have best reputation but my level academy stuck at same level last 6 seasons and there is no option to ask board for build better.
  3. Why EVERY match enemy first shoot on goal = goal? It can happen few times in season but NOT EVERY MATCH! Enemy one shoot is enough for goal but for me its 5-10 shoot on goal for 1 goal by strikers 190CA ....
  4. 442 Sympathy for the Devil FM touch instant result , No transfers Milan 1st 91pts also with same tactic won league with Valencia 100pts but i dont have screenshots
  5. !FM19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112.fmf Levante 95pt FMT holiday whole season no transfers
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