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  1. How increase level Youth Academy?? After +10 years in Valencia i have 14/20 academy. I have best reputation but my level academy stuck at same level last 6 seasons and there is no option to ask board for build better.
  2. Why EVERY match enemy first shoot on goal = goal? It can happen few times in season but NOT EVERY MATCH! Enemy one shoot is enough for goal but for me its 5-10 shoot on goal for 1 goal by strikers 190CA ....
  3. 442 Sympathy for the Devil FM touch instant result , No transfers Milan 1st 91pts also with same tactic won league with Valencia 100pts but i dont have screenshots
  4. !FM19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112.fmf Levante 95pt FMT holiday whole season no transfers
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