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  1. I sent it one week ago (29 june). If you want I can re-send it. Thanks
  2. Hi, now it happens also when i'm not playng a match. Thanks for help.
  3. It doesn't work, I try sending you the crash dumps file... Thanks for help. FM 2017 v17.3.1.939053 (2017.06.28 19.33.09).dmp
  4. Hi, i'm playing this game from one week, it never happened before now, but when i'm playing a match the game closed and i receive a message: Error in the application. There was a serious erroe and the program will be closed. A file with error information can be found here: C:/Users/Mattia/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/crash dumps/FM 2017 v17.3.1.939053 (2017.06.22 21.54.08).dmp Thanks. P:S.: I'm sorry if my english is wrong because I'm italian.
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