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  1. I tried a similar tactic a midfield trio of an RPM BBM and a DM(D), WB(A) and FB(S) in wide areas. I used a CF(S) or a DLF(S). In general the tactic didn't work. The counter-attacks never got started because players always chose to play long balls to the striker instead of to players in space. Players would be in space but both wide players would ignore them and pass backwards or inside. The biggest issue was we never got into the final third to shoot, we'd average 4-7 shots per game with maybe 2 inside the box. I'm not sure what the flaw in that system was. I can't play 4-1-4-1 because I don't have the personnel and don't want to sell good players just for a tactic.
  2. I understand how counter should work, but realistically even on counter if the team has 70-80% of the ball the tactic plays more as parking the bus rather than counter-attacking. I'll try more conservative roles and see if the passing improves.
  3. Hi Guys So this is a bit of a technical question for those who have knowledge of the engine and logic behind the game, I'd like to know what the game deems a "clear cut chance" often times I'll count 2-3 clear cut chances but the game will say 0. Is there some sort of combination of distance from goal, angle to goal and time on the ball that the game uses to determine if the shot was a CCC? Thanks guys
  4. Thanks for the advice. This tactic used to be exactly that 4-1-4-1. I think the main issue there was I wasn't sure of the roles for my wide players. I knew winger probably wouldn't work because they will rarely have lots of targets in the box. I tried wide midfielder but the players stayed too narrow and didn't try to beat the defensive line and I had the long shot problem. Any suggestions for wide player roles? I could explore wide player but I'm not sure.
  5. I'm sort of in between striker roles I'd use either a DLF, DF or possibly CF need to test which will be best. I don't know if play out the defence would work because midfielders lose the ball playing long balls and defenders lose it both using long ball but also attempting through balls instead of just the simple pass. I'll give the attacking wing back a go since it;s natural for my players.
  6. Hi Guys I've read a few of the recommended posts for tactic building as well as pairs and combinations, applying all that knowledge isn't that easy. I'm not used to playing counter but want to try it out. I'd like some constructive criticism of my tactic, if you feel its total rubbish I'm not averse to changing it drastically as its a work in progress. I envisaged a counter system where a central striker would link with the midfield and also hold the ball while pacey wide men would make runs beyond the defence after the striker draws the defenders away. I'm playing with MUFC so I thought that giving Pogba the RPM role would allow him to move freely and pop in the box occasionally as well. I haven't put in any specific team instructions because I didn't want to overcomplicate things I just added overlap since the wide men will cut in a lot and the wing backs will have space. Some problems I've identified: Players tend to play too many long balls and defenders are overly ambitious with passing leading to very low possession Lack of movement causes players to shoot from distance too often Lack of clear cut chances Midfielders don't track runners, although this may just be down to individual player stats The few positives I found were: The defensive line is relatively stable Opposition generally don't create many chances despite lots of possession Goals conceded are low and generally aren't from shots in the box. Any help will be appreciated thanks. If you feel I should read a post by one of the experts or re-read something feel free to point it out.
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