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  1. Another question for you Mike - I'm trying to track the progress of the league via the 'league reputation' statistic in FMRTE, yet I am unable to find 'Major League Soccer' in FMRTE... I've tried typing in any combination of 'MLS' 'M.L.S.' 'Major League Soccer' etc yet the league never comes up in the search results.... In creating this new structure did you have to give it a new name? Any recommendations for what I should use in the search?
  2. Awesome, thanks for the insight on how that qualification system works. Yea, I had a bit of a miracle run during that first season in MLS...
  3. A minor issue perhaps: Regarding the US Open Cup - I am three seasons into a career with AC St Louis. During the first season I won promotion from the NASL - but was never entered into the US Open Cup Each of my seasons in the MLS, however, I have been entered into the US Open Cup, but instead of my reserve squad being entered (like every other MLS Team) my first team is entered instead. To make matter worse, the board expect me to win the competition each year, when there are much more pressing competitions to attend to during that portion of the season (latter stages of the North American Open Cup, Group stages of the Concacaf Champions League, the MLS Play-off push, etc) is there a sort of trigger that keep bringing me into the USC? or am I stuck in it every year? In addition, the AC St Louis First team participates in the 'Show Me Cup' every year, in lieu of the reserve side.
  4. I just wanted to pop in and thank you for this database. This mod as well as the German lower league mod have restored my love for FM, and will keep me playing until next years offering.
  5. The top leagues from Africa but also the Oberliga in Germany, just one step below the Regionalliga.
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