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  1. Exactly, just to point out again that i was talking about successful youngsters, who currently have -85 or more PA, even some -8s. The whole Shenton and Vardy talk was just an explanation as you guys brought them up, but that wouldn't apply for players of their ability and potential. The image i provided as an attachment in my first post probably confused many of you, i might make a new one with more details if i happen to get the feeling this idea might succeed.
  2. Yes, but player with 190-195 CA would make much more difference than one with 175 CA. Unless you believe that it doesn't matter if you had Messi/Ronaldo or Hazard/Sanchez on the field ? For the 100th time, this system applies for "players who are considered to be successful youngsters the way they already are and offer them ability to go all the way to the top". I don't believe anyone considers Shenton to be successful youngster in that regard.
  3. As i said, pretty narrow minded. These are all just examples, the whole idea is far from complete. Since i have to explain every little detail to you, i didn't say Shenton would have 170 CA, i didn't even say he would have 170 PA, i said he would have a chance to have that much but that would be very hard, especially taking into account that in this case, chance to get the maximum PA out of 110-170 with 60 points range would be twice as hard as it is now with current 30 points between the min and max PA. Furthermore, again, as i said in previous post, many things, such as age, would hinder his
  4. I've come to the point where i believe you are trolling me but i'll go along with it. No, my system wouldn't mean that is possible because i said ''players who are considered to be successful youngsters the way they already are and offer them ability to go all the way to the top". Your Oliver Shenton has 100 CA and -7 PA (110-140). My idea would offer him to have PA of 110 to 160 or 170. If we take into consideration that he is at Stoke, already has 20 years and potentially his personality/determination that would play a role in a system i suggested, the best he could hope for would be somewhe
  5. That's fine, this is not complete so not all points are covered, but i'm glad you got a general idea of what i meant.
  6. No offense, but you seem pretty narrow minded so far so i see no point in explaining this further to you, as i am repeating myself for quite some time now without success.
  7. The PA is fixed after the game has already started, i'm talking about editor settings. Of course i understand that very well, how do you think i got this kind of idea ? If i didn't understand, i couldn't come up with this. I want that player who has -8 PA to have the chance to have more than 160 PA once the game has started if people in charge of deciding his PA were uncertain he can't go beyond that. It's always better to have wider range of PA the game will set you once you start it, as PA gives you an option to reach that point, which doesn't mean you will eventually do it, just gives you a
  8. I never said all players should have 200PA, i mentioned over and over again that good different youngsters with PA that is not fixed, should have wider range in PA that will change after each save to offer variety of options as you can never be sure people in charge of deciding what PA of a certain player is made a correct decision. Forgot to quote you in previous post so reposting.
  9. The concept of idea is not much different than current -1...-5...-10 system, it just offers a wider range of PA. If Vardy were a youngster and he once had a -65 (100-130) PA, this would offer him a chance to actually have a PA of, lets say -6 (100-160). One other thing i would like to point out is that Vardy was a one-in-a-million case, we shouldn't focus that much on him, as system should focus on majority of players, not cases like him and once again, i'm talking about players who are considered to be successful youngsters the way they already are and offer them ability to go all the way to
  10. I don't know if your intention is to sabotage my suggestion or i explained it so bad that it makes it hard to understand, but it's neither the fact that i misunderstand what potential is, nor am i suggesting that Vardy wouldn't facilitate at all. I'm just suggesting that Vardy will never become as good as Ibrahimovic, Suarez or Benzema. PA system should be made more flexible, with greater variations. You want to tell me that a player i previously mentioned, Diogo Leite, should/would never be able to become a better DC than Diego Godin (166/169) just because he has 160 PA as his upper limit ? M
  11. I can see why you would disagree, but we are talking about 30-40 points in difference (average) here. Players with PA lower than 130 are ''beyond salvation'' here. Youngster with 80 CA would have to work twice as hard to reach his 180 PA than the one with 120-130 CA, that's something i don't need to mention. I didn't say that a player with CA of 20 should be able to go all the way to 200, i'm talking about players who are already about to have good careers, this would just offer them an ability to have great ones.
  12. Exactly, i was trying to keep things as simple as possible in my previous post, but the general idea is to allow a player to potentially have the potential to reach 200, meaning that in ''Save number 1", some player from Sporting CP Lisbon academy, lets say Daniel Braganca with his -85 potential, has 93 CA and 145 PA, and some player from FC Porto, Diogo Leite, with his -8 potential, has 85 CA and 194 PA, while in ''Save number 2, Braganca would have -85 potential with 93 CA and 198 PA, while Diogo Leite would have -8 potential with 85 CA and 151 PA. Of course, there's a risk that both players
  13. Hello, What i would like to suggest is a feature that already exists but is modified in a way i believe to be more realistic and interesting than it currently is. As we all know, there are players who, in real life, unexpectedly "explode" and become wonderkids overnight. Don't you wish there's that kind of unpredictability in FM ? My suggestion for this would be to change the current PA system in a way that would allow players to go all the way to the top depending on each new save we start, so that players with current PA of 130 and beyond would all have a chance to reach 200, which
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