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    Have you been busy?? What time are you on until?? What time did you start??


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  1. it worked mate cheers
  2. didn't think of that mate let me try
  3. Someone please !!!!!
  4. I'm stuck and need help my game keeps going back to the training screen whenever I click on continue it wont let me advance game time and keeps going back to this screen.ive tried going on holiday to advance and that works but now I have a game and I don't want to go on holiday what can I do??
  5. mate I understand you frustration try and get in touch with rashidi on here and let him look at your tactic trust me hell sort it. btw its took me until july to start enjoying this version but I'm loving it now.good luck.
  6. just to let you know matey we have a statue of sir jimmy sirrel and jack wheeler now too!!
  7. just started reading this mate loved your other story always nice to see a fellow magpie doing well as we don't get that irl!!!
  8. anybody on here got a barwell save??? or any tips on how to get one?? there my friends team from Leicestershire and I go and watch them sometimes great little club and setup.
  9. sorry if I didn't give enough info earlier. I meant after a match you go to the home screen and it just whizzes by so cant read any of your inbox/news items without clicking on browse in the top right hand corner. someone please help me with this as its very annoying and putting me off.
  10. how do I turn this off in between matches rather than letting me click the mouse the whole scrolling thing keeps passing me by?? hope you guys know what I mean !!!!
  11. just started reading this thread already on page two but loving it so far gonna read it all today. just started a save with my nearest non league side (alfreton town) but haven't got the bottle to replicate this!!!
  12. come on lewis were 3 days overdue an update!!!
  13. its cleared now pal.
  14. yes mate ill cear some now
  15. loving this story mate bet ya find it annoying all these viewers and hardly anyone commenting!! prefer the smaller clubs myself and I really enjoyed the cork city chapter. glad you didn't go milan as that club has too much history and I feel that theres more of a sense of achievement when you create your own history. would love to see you do England (Barnsley) at some point or how about a Scottish 2nd or 3rd tier club?? good luck for the future challenges mate.