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    Have you been busy?? What time are you on until?? What time did you start??


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    cars/xbox/footy man!!!

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  1. think it was around 07 08 I had great saves with Hucknall(where I live) and eastwood town too.
  2. please someone find Basford united my cousin used to play for them and im 2 miles down the road so desperate for the first time ever to take them to premier and European glory
  3. everytime I click on a new screen player info,training etc theres always 3-4 yellow info bubbles (the advice ones) how do I get rid of these???
  4. managed to get the board to invest some of my£42 million balance now!!!!
  5. its showing poor youth facilities and youth level 0 ???
  6. really cant understand this I took over Brentford in the premier league December 2018 iim now on game 37 the19th of may 2019 and have had no youth intake whatsoever anyone any idea whats happened here?? a major bug???
  7. thanks mate your a star gonna get myself a lovely barwell shirt for xmas too!!! its a bit bright google it if ya get chance
  8. any of you helpful people on here got a barwell save for me please? fed up with reloading already.
  9. its okay mate I reloaded until I got them 27 games played 14 wins 13 losses no draws!!!
  10. hi I'm wanting to put barwell evo stik northern premier into the conference north but I have no idea how to do this or how to use the editor can anyone help me please??
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