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  1. think it was around 07 08 I had great saves with Hucknall(where I live) and eastwood town too.
  2. please someone find Basford united my cousin used to play for them and im 2 miles down the road so desperate for the first time ever to take them to premier and European glory
  3. thanks mate your a star gonna get myself a lovely barwell shirt for xmas too!!! its a bit bright google it if ya get chance
  4. any of you helpful people on here got a barwell save for me please? fed up with reloading already.
  5. Sorry ozil how do I adjust the width of the columns on the toolbar mate
  6. okay so ive had a little play around with this and ive managed to get all the attributes etc listed on the screen and saed it however there is a gap in between the atts. of about 1-2 cms on each attb. ive tried rearranging them and lining em up again but I cant get them all condensed on one screen like your above picture please help anyone!!!
  7. tried again and I have no idea perhaps you can do an idiot guide for me with pics if possible as now my team selection page is wholly inadequate!!!! sorry.
  8. sorry ozil I meant once id added the attributes required I couldn't see the option to save it anywhere all that's available is move atts up/down or ok/cancel nowhere to save it sorry to keep asking I'm just determined to do this.!! cheers.
  9. ive tried customising it too match and when I go back they've all disappeared again help!!!
  10. on the first page on the current view of attributes etc ive tried replicating the attribute view but how do I save this once copied ??? done it 3 times now and when I click back the atts aren't there?? how do I save this??
  11. just started reading this thread already on page two but loving it so far gonna read it all today. just started a save with my nearest non league side (alfreton town) but haven't got the bottle to replicate this!!!
  12. Yeah will do mate any tips on signing players initially? I'm about 5-6 players short of quality would you just let youth come through to start with as I'm trying to keep an overall squad of about 25 at the most.
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