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  1. Still having this happen (now convinced it's the embedded tweets causing it) and it makes it very hard to read, but especially hard to type out when the screen keeps scrolling up like a sideways typewriter and I have to keep scrolling back down to see what I'm typing.
  2. I have the same issue. I did think it may be related to embedded tweets (or maybe embdedded anything) As an example; In the FM 17 OTF thread, Ackter posted an embedded tweet. When I was above this on the page everything was fine. When I scrolled below it, the page automatically started slowly scrolling back up. Also on IE11
  3. I'm not sure anyone can be a luckier team getting to the final than Denmark. Even if they deserved to be there on their play in the tournament (I was 2 at the time, so I don't know this), they were lucky to even be at the tournament.
  4. IWWROCKS Vs Noob21 - draw Gorando Vs Andyh21 - Not a fan of the front 4, but I think that centre midfield and De Gea are good enough to win it. Harryseaess Vs RickyButton - Harry has a great midfield 3, but Ricky has the defence to contain the attack, and the attackers himself to break through Harry's defence. Baptista_8 Vs Whoopy D - Whoopy's front 4 are really good, and think that is enough to get him the win.
  5. IWWROCKS Vs Scott1892 - No Vote Noob21 Vs managerdude_66 - Think the front 3 just about wins this one. Citizen Kane Vs Gorando - Such a close one. De Bruyne magic I think Andyh21 Vs darren1983 - I love Andy's centre mids, I think if Pelle's on form he settles it Harryseaess Vs Hodgy - I think Harry is a bit too reliant on Kante to stop the attack, and I think eventually Hodgy breaks through. adhikapp Vs RickyButton - Incredibly tough to call. Adhi has a bit more width and I think Benteke will benefit Baptista_8 Vs Bliss Seeker - Bliss is far too narrow, think Baptista takes it co
  6. I tend to agree with you, but I'd only want to limit ourselves to English managers if it was actual FIFA rulings that said all countries must apply the same criteria to managers as they do to players. While that isn't the case, we'd be crazy to pass up a better manager because he's foreign. I'd like the former, but while the rules allow it, I prefer success.
  7. Sorry, missed that you had voted! Switched mine over to you!
  8. Gorando Vs Noob21 - Very tough, but Ronaldo + Cech just win it for Noob RickyButton Vs stotty1982 - better in most areas of the field georginho_juventusygr Vs Cougar2010 - Morata runs Carvalho ragged Reddiablo Vs Andyh21 - That midfield would overrun Red's given1legend Vs Bliss Seeker - Better team wins out, but will come into trouble against anyone who has good wide players. darren1983 Vs adhikapp - defence is a little ropey, but the midfield does enough to win
  9. Baptista_8 Vs IWWROCKS kris0710 Vs managerdude_66 - Chemistry of the Liverpool trio wins it for me. Citizen Kane Vs Hodgy - Not much in it, Citizen Kane slightly edges it. Whoopy D Vs AdyTaylor - Whoopy's defence just lets him down, I see Lewandowski having a field day Harryseaess Vs craigcwwe - Danny Rose at CB, just an absolute mare of a choice by craig Anti Spiral Vs Scott1892 - Supply is going to be tough for Anti to come by, Scott gets it
  10. Watched with my Polish girlfriend last night, which has me rooting for them as my 2nd team. Milik has been awful both games but did pop up with the goal 1st game. But I guess on the other hand, he gets into the positions to take the poor shot at least. Lewandowski absent for a 2nd straight game. If they can get him going, they definitely have potential to do good things in the tournament. Would like to see Kapustka back in the team for Ukraine. He looked incredible against Northern Ireland. I'm guessing the coach just thought starting against Germany would be too much for someone so young and
  11. Citizen Kane kris0710 IWWROCKS Vs managerdude_66 - Draw AdyTaylor Anti Spiral Scott1892
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