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  1. Not seeing any reviews for this yet which seems a bit concerning. Not had a chance to catch the streams, will maybe give a watch tonight

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Won the DKT last night and got a message from the guy saying "you're lucky blah blah blah"...usual stuff....if I was lucky, why not chance the last 20 minutes of the game and try and beat me Opened a few packs on Tuesday and bizarrely packed TOTS Pique 3 packs in a row! Along with Adan in one of those packs also. Helped give me some funds to make another upgrade to my squad. My squad for this weekend league; https://www.futhead.com/18/squads/3323522/ Will probably rotate teams and use a lot on the bench in a prem team. Maybe swap Matic out for Partey in the above team also
  3. I have no will power :( It is clunky to play but it's not terrible. The community downloads are excellent. Overall I'd say it's not as bad as the reviews suggest, but certainly could hope for better from TWT
  4. Can get a $50 code for £33 from CD Keys...I'm getting more and more tempted!
  5. Don't know why, but I got a real feeling TWT will be as bad/worse. If AO can just be "decent" it will win for me because of the customization options. That can really help it. £39.99 is interest...wondering what it is on the US Store...if it's $39.99 that might push me over the edge.

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    My TOTS SBC's gave me Matic + David Silva. I did some of the PL Premium Player SBC packs (20) and got Alli from those. Matic is nice, but Silva and Alli will struggle to get in my team as I have so many good CAM/CM already
  7. Watched some streams last night...didn't look as clunky as the reviews made out (still didn't look great mind), but how it looks and how it feels when actually playing can be quite different. Hopefully the quick patch is a sign of them constantly wanting to improve the game and recognising it's faults. More I think, the more tempted I am to just say f*** it and give it a go
  8. Seems like AO is one of those games that'll probably be on Xbox Game Pass within a year. Will give it a miss...shame, as I really want a good tennis game and I was hoping that'd be the better one due to the seemingly deeper customization options.

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    I am! Looking forward to it. Not sure it can beat Vader mind

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Agreed, 98 would be more accurate

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Made a few more alterations to my team now I've got Yaya. Decided with all the attacking players I have, Hazard was a luxury as one of the few tradeable options I have in my club. So now it's looking like this; http://www.futhead.com/18/squads/3141644/

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Ahh cool...yeah tell me about it with the volleys! Was horrendous. Finally got in the groove and put away the 7 more I needed in one game. Had 2 games previously to get only 3. Was fuming! I've got 2 so far....4 games away from playing 20 but am in my first season in Division 1 and really struggling for the wins. Need to get relegated really to get those which is a shame as I think I could have scraped a hold but that's just not enough if I want that Yaya

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    If you want to get one of the better ones, and are on Xbox, I don't mind doing a friendly match with you to help you get the downward headers. You should be able to get the 10 Irish goals in online singles match fairly easily as well as everyone is just letting people through with offside trap to help them get it.

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I did Kaka but now I have way too many CAMs! Prime Del Piero, TOTGS Hazard, PTG Sterling, baby Laudrup, Kaka, 1POTM Salah, IF Alli baby Larsson, Prime Shearer, OTW Batshuayi for strikers. Was torn between Rooney + Yaya for the birthday SBC but it's made my mind up now. Has to be Yaya as Rooney would never play

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I've done way too many SBCs....around 10-13 TOTW ones, and 3 baby icons. Baby Icons: Nesta, Larsson, Laudrup (really happy with all of them tbh...Laudrup was a disappointment till I played him and he was great) TOTWs: All **** except Alli and Sterling's latest (who I can't use due to having Sterling PTG)