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  1. Mindtrick_42

    How to make a compact 4-4-2

    I'm not any good at tactics so can't really add much, but herne79 has a good post in the strikerless challenge thread: As a Swede I actually thinking about replicating their tactic, and might actually look at going strikerless
  2. As I understand it the targetman role attracts the ball. Is there any difference in how the targetman does this depending on whether you use him in a support or attack duty? For example is he more likely to attract the ball when in support?
  3. Done with my season now playing as burnley. As I feared in my previous post Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool all overtook me. I ended in 7th place, but I had a sniff at 6th as me and Liverpool ended with same amount of points. Unfortunately their gd was 24 and my was 23 However, as the board wanted me to avoid relegation I think 7th is OK. To add to this I also reached the final in the FA cup, but Chelsea stopped me from winning (I really struggled against their 343 with my 442 in all our clashes). Not sure what to do now, but I might actually continue this save to see what we can do in Europe
  4. I'm in for this challenge I will use my ongoing burnley save, which I started to try a 442 with TM and a poacher up front. Started with no TIs and no PIs to and flexible - standard to see especially how the TM behaved. since the start I have now ditched the TM for a dlf, and I have also changed some other roles and duties, but I still run on flexible - standard and with a 442 formation. I rarely start any game with TIs, but for some matches were I face the big boys I use pass into space, some times in combination with clear ball to flanks. These two TIs I often use if I take the lead in a game and I see that the other team change their formation to a more attacking one. When losing a game I try to go close down more in combination with get stuck in. I also tend to change someone's duty from support to attack. When it comes to PIs I have a few including goalkeeper distribution, and one of my Cds taking fewer risky passes. For some games I also put more risky passes and more direct passing for my playmaker. I really love this way of playing the game I must say. It's very easy to see what happens when you for example change a role or a duty. When it comes to performance I sit 4th in February and board expect me to avoid relegation. So looking good so far, though I think I will drop a bit in the table as I have Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham sitting just one point behind me
  5. @herne79 if you don't mind, may I ask what role you paired the bwm in your 442?
  6. Mindtrick_42

    [FM18] O'Leary's Leeds United - If I Could Turn Back Time

    Really nice thread! Cool to see the progress you are doing! I have couple of questions regarding the defensive forward: what attributes are you looking for in your df? Also, do you ever play him with a defense duty?
  7. I have got a player in my youth intake that was classified as one of the best of his generation. Unfortunately he has the con "needs to work on becoming more consistent if he is to develop further" My question now is if I can do anything to help him become more consistent?
  8. Just started the game now and the steam gui pops up if I try to do save as and I have the ps4 controller connected. I also noted that the same happens if I start a new game and try to name the save. So basically as soon as I need to write something when I save the steam gui shows up. If I disconnect the controller the steam gui never shows up. Just let me know if you want any more info or if I should test something and I will try to do that. Also, it still saves the file without the .fm in the end if doing a save via the steam gui.
  9. Now it happend again, but this time I can complete the save without that the game hangs. I include a picture of that steam gui that shows up. Maybe I just had some bad luck when the game hung the last time. ** update ** Sorry for spamming, but even though the the game did not hang the file created via "save as" in the picture included got created without the .fm in the end.
  10. Regarding the path to were the files are saved it is C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\games. Like I mentioned earlier it creates the save file in that folder, but without the .fm in the end. I also tried to recreate the issue to take some screen shots, but when I try it now it works to do save as when the controller is connected. So sorry for not being able to send any pictures
  11. I'm on my way to work now so cannot give you the location, but I will try and update with that later tonight. When just doing save it is OK. It is when I want to create a new save via the save as option that this happens. It then brings up the weird gui (looks like a virtual keyboard) and after typing in the name of the save (after entering the name it goes back to the normal FM gui) and pressing save it hangs. If I remember correctly the save file gets created, but without a file ending. So in windows explorer or what ever the file browser is called, I can see the file, but if I try to load the file from the game I cannot see it, which I guess is because it is missing the file ending. Not sure if I have installed any software to use the controller. I will see if I can find any information about it when I get home. ** update ** If I google "steam keyboard" the pictures looks very much like the gui showing up when trying to do save as.
  12. Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong part or if it has been already reported (could not find anything like it when searching). I encountered an issue where the game hangs when I try to do "save game as". It seems to be related to the fact that I then need to type a name for the save. What happens is that the gui changes (looks like some steam gui), but I can still type what I want. Then it goes back to the original gui, but after pressing save the game hangs and I have to close it via task manager. I actually also seemed to solve this by disconnecting my ps4 controller. When doing so I can save game as. I really think this worked before the patch as the controller is always connected, and l'm sure that I have managed to do "save game as" before the patch. Just let me know if you want me to include more info.
  13. Hi! Stupid question, but if you want a player to learn/unlearn a ppm and the coach responds with something like: "I don't see him able to do that, I recommend x move instead". Does that mean that the player can never learn/unlearn that specific ppm? Or can I find another coach with for example higher level of discipline, and then the chance to learn the ppm will increase?
  14. Hi! "New" to this forum (been reading here for years now, but I have never written anything) and I have a stupid question :-) Regarding friendly matches, are they totally pointless? I remember reading somewhere that there is no idea to test your tactic in those matches because they will not tell you anything useful. Anyone know if this is really the case?