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  1. I really like your post, and I have thinking about trying to play a more genric style where I use the "standard" roles more. Do you decide yourself what you consider as a generic role? Or do you know if there are some guidelines on what is a generic role and what is a specialist role? Some roles are easy to understand, but when it comes to the strikers I'm not so sure what I should consider as generic vs special
  2. OK, so stupid question : I have tried to setup my own training schedules. Earlier I let my ass man do it. now my players get lower ratings for training. When ass man did the training I saw a lot of 10s, now the highest is just above 8. is this an indication that my schedule is worse than my ass man's?
  3. @warlock 😱 that's a thoug start. I wish you all the best! Nice to read up on everyone's progress. I like the big difference in all the teams that are being managed here
  4. Really enjoying to read about all the different saves people are doing! Many of you are doing really good @warlock will be interesting to see what signings you can get for your pl season! (I have a quite a struggle in the pl with Blackburn at the moment. Let's hope I can survive to Christmas :p)
  5. @karanhsingh playing at Stamford Bridge is a bit weird. Also, if I remember correctly both you and Chelsea will play in cl, right? So there will be a lot of matches at Stamford Bridge when I started to read your post I was fist sure that your board had decided to scrap the capacity increase and instead build a new stadium named Stanford bridge
  6. I look at the following: 1. Does the player fit the role/roles I want him to play? Here I look more at specific attributes than if he is 100% natural in a specific position and role. For example I play a central defender as a bwm in central midfield as he has the attributes I look for in my system. 2. Does the player fit my club DNA for specific attributes? For example I want all my players to have high determination 3. Does the player have a personality that I like? I tend to look for determined, professional, resolute and so on. 4. Does the player have any cons? I don't want players with injury risks, that are inconsistent or that does not like to play big matches. This is just how I do it, and I'm sure all of you have your own ways when it comes to looking at players oh, and when it comes to Petanga he ticks the first one (I want a big and strong support striker for that role, which he is), but he has quite low determination, is fairly ambitious and does not enjoy big matches
  7. @Spike nice! Following Villa in Europe will be fun do you know what transfer budget you get for the next season yet?
  8. You are correct, Martinez is actually looking quite good, and to be honest he was my second coiche target behind musa barrow. Petagna also looks good, but he only fits one out of four requirements that I have for new signings (at least first team signings) so I'm still a little bit disappointed
  9. Blackburn 2019/20 pre-season - disappointment So it has been a though transfer window for us. As mentioned earlier we will try to go for low-block 442, which meant we needed some new players. However, it was difficult to bring good players in. Either they wanted too much salary, or another team came in and snatched them. This is what has happened for us: Pontus jansson is the only one I like (I'm a Swede so needed some fellow countrymen ). However, this is what we managed to get. We also sold some players, but our finances looks quite bad so I only get 10% from transfers. Another thing that is a dispointmmet is the set pieces. Not sure if it is a bug, but the players rarely end up where I want them. This is especially true for attacking throw-ins where my centerbacks, that I have placed in the box, are hovering close to the halfway line... So to sum up I'm quite negative about our chances to stay up, but we will for sure give it a try! First up is wolves away.
  10. @warlock nice start! Interesting to follow your next adventure may I ask what roles you use for your frontmen?
  11. @Milkmanhole will be nice to see how the save get on for you! Millwal was one of the teams I considered, but I ended up with Blackburn instead I might have missed it in your nice write-up , but what is your transferbudget?
  12. Nice job! I'm just about to start my second season with Blackburn, and we are newly promoted to the pl. May I ask you if you still have any players from the first season that are performing for you in the pl?
  13. Nice to see so many ongoing stories in here! Very good reading when commuting to and from work! @karanhsingh great job with Pompey! I'm keen to see how your 442 will do.
  14. @warlock I like that you run with 442 diamond. This was my favourite formation some years ago, but I haven't used it in recent FMs. Will be interesting to see how it develops for you! How are the wingbacks doing for you? Always felt that they are key to the diamond
  15. Blackburn Rovers – End of season 18/19 - Champions! So we did it! We won the championship! To be honest I have some mixed feelings about this. I'm really happy to have gained promotion to the PL, but on the other hand I was planning (and sort of lokkings forward to) at least two season in championship. Also, I'm a little bit disappointed on how we ended the season. In the last three fixtures we only managed to get two points, but the others were not good enough to catch us. So whats next? Well the PL is waiting, and we are not even close to having a good enough squad. So in other words: A really busy transfer window is waiting! We have around 35 million to spend. I will ofc look to sell some players, especially those that have not lived up to my expectations (yes, I'm looking at you, Bradely Dack!). The plan is to try to build a low-block 442 and see if we can survive in the PL with it. Focus will be on counters and set pieces, so basically I'm trying to rebuild Leicester First of I will try to get a really good-in-the-air CB, and also try to find a good striker with some speed in him. Champions: Leauge table: Top players:
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