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  1. He's England. That's why I don't see it as crazy.
  2. Not sure if I'm missing something but, what's so crazy about that?
  3. Bahamas

    Probably if you loaded leagues like America, Mexico etc. it would help? Just a thought cos when i loaded Australia I got countries like Tonga and Fiji so try that
  4. I took Southport consecutively from BSP to Premiership, then four games in I left to go to Real Madrid
  5. What year your in?

    2023. Started with Sligo Rovers in Ireland, took them to Champions League groups. Managed Ireland u21s and Ireland (3 times), South Korea and Poland. Won Prem(2) and CL, League Cup(2), FA Cup(3) in my 4 years at West Ham. Took Liverpool back to Prem titles and Champions League win after previously finishing 16th. Then got bored and took BSP Southport to the Prem (consecutive seasons) left and now at Real Madrid
  6. Just got Everton in FA Cup.. guess what round?!! haha, beat them 4-1 this time though
  7. Bow Down!!

    Sorry mate haha.
  8. Bow Down!!

    No mate, you just can't read with rythem. I beat Morocco, England, Brazil [in the rounds]... and Italy in the final. ****
  9. Bow Down!!

    I won 2014 with Mali; beating a group of Germany, Australi and Sweden and then beat Morocco, England, Brazil and Italy in the final so put your trumpet away
  10. I'm in 2022 and Manchester City play at "Man City Stadium", West Ham are at "West Ham Stadium", and Chelsea play at "Zola Park" And Lyon play at OL Land
  11. I'm not sure if it's a bug or just a huge coincidence. (before i start you'll need to know that Aston Villa, Southampton, West Ham and Man City are the new top four). Season 2019/20, I'm Southport and in the BSP. I managed to get all the way to the 4th Round of the FA Cup. And was drawn against Aston Villa (current league leaders of Prem), I relished that one but lost 1-0. Season 2020/21, Now in League 2. Got all the way to 4th Round again, and now get Southampton. I just thought that was bad luck again, lost 2-1. Season 2021/22, In League 1. Got to 4th Round of League Cup. West Ham! I was beginning to think there's a bit of a sequence going but just got on with it and lost 4-1. NOW, I just reached the 4th Round of the FA Cup and have been given an away tie at Manchester United!! Not sure if it's just a big coincidence and 4 is just not my lucky number? What do you think and have any of you guys had anything like this?
  12. Can I learn Italian?

    There was a thread about this mate, for some reason (probably because Wales is classed as a part of the UK) it hasn't got it's own recognised language on FM
  13. Signed Rooney with Aston Villa in season 3 for £31m and that was cos he was unhappy at the club!
  14. I'm in 2020 and in recent years; Ander, Didier Digard and Jose Enrique have been capped by England.
  15. And may i just ask, how is this unrealistic? With the excellent youth (maybe they're not doing to well ATM) but i think that is quite reallistic as Walcott, Fabregas, Song etc. are all going to turn very good in the next few years, so i agree with SI.