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  1. Spennymoor Town Season 2021/22 League Table Well that was loads better, absolutely romped the league, hit 103 points and finished 13 points ahead of second, swept most teams aside by three and four goal margins, signing of the season had to be Manasse Mampala ST, released by Everton and snapped up on a free, hit 28 goals in 41 games and was just too good for the National League North. Really enjoyed managing Spennymoor Town but I need to kick on now and try and get a more established side in the league above, not sure resigning would be the move but I'm defini
  2. Spennymoor Town Season 2020/2021 League Table Much better season this time out at new club Spennymoor Town, better quality of players and more scope to bring players in, we were running the top side all the way but ended up finishing 4th after a calamitous end to the season, star striker Glen Taylor unexpectedly threw a wobbly and wanted to leave the club for a bigger team with about 8 games of the season left, morale in the playing squad plummeted and we didn't win any of our last 6 games, stumbled into what is a pretty rough playoff system in the National League North a
  3. Checking the match report all three were given as off sides, hard to gauge myself from the match engine, just gonna chalk it up as an unfortunate circumstance!
  4. Anyone else using FM20 and having a scandalous amount of disallowed goals in games? I've just had three disallowed in a game and lost 2-1, had to laugh or I was going to cry, just an oddity?
  5. Season 2019/2020 Not a great start for me, sacked as Alfreton manager at the end of 2019/2020 season, took over them sitting in 20th and it was a constant struggle to the end of the season, we finished 17th, ended up with a record of 5W 11D and 8L, the board were expecting a top half finish and we fell quite short, struggled to settle on a formation I was comfortable with, zero budget to bring in players and had to scrap around for loan players within the very limited budget Alfreton had (I still can't quite understand big clubs expecting 100% wages paid for players who are on a re
  6. Okay, take two! Thanks for the heads up XuluBak! Took a little longer than last time but finally after several failed interviews English National League North side Alfreton handed me a job. Manager Profile Alfreton Town
  7. I'm an idiot well thankfully I hadn't actually started other than take over, restart I shall!
  8. I last attempted this challenge on FM16 I think it was, last time I properly played an FM game but a lot of the game looks incredibly similar to how it was so back again in FM20 to give this another shot. Started a new game with several 'top' European nations this time out and was unemployed for about 3-4 months before Slough Town currently bottom of the English National League South gave me a job, starting from the absolute bottom but here we go! Manager Profile Slough Town Appointment Edit: Disregard!!!
  9. Napoli/Juventus Season Review 2026/2027 League Table - 2nd After a year and a half away it took me some time to get back up to speed with things, I'd resigned as Feyenoord manager after winning the league, didn't feel confident in Europe with that team and snagged the Napoli job who'd had a stinking season finishing 13th, they gave me a massive budget to spend on players, ended up forking out £100m in transfers in the space of a month, things were going okay, we were holding our own in the league and were pushing a pretty dominant AC Milan for top spot, January/February
  10. It's been a while since I popped my head in here, decided to pick up my old FM16 challenge save, feels strange getting back into a save you haven't touched for a year and a half but I'm gonna give it another shot, I just can't get into FM18 this year.
  11. Feyenoord Season Review 2025/26 League Table - 1st Decided to drop my tried and trusted 5-2-1-2 that had served me quite well for a 4-3-3 formation, felt I was winning games simply because I was a stronger team and not the better side in matches and often losing really stupidly to very poor teams. This new formation was pretty dominating, often having 60% possession throughout the match and scoring for fun. Winning the league was great but once again as is often the case with my career we struggled in cup competitions, losing in only the 2nd round of the FA Cup to Jupiler League side
  12. Been away for a while but congratulations to both pug and kaiser, great achievement chaps!
  13. @ashton321 - Great to see you start out with FC Haka same as myself!
  14. Feyenoord & Ivory Coast Season Review 2024/2025 League Table - 4th A much improved season this time out, we had a late push for the title, winning 8 of the last 9 nine games losing only to the eventual champions Vitesse. Team is probably a bit on the young side, I get the Champions League vultures circling every transfer window for my young players and they almost always unsettle them and cause a dip in form, very annoying. Made it through to the Quarters of the Dutch FA Cup and lost out in penalties against a Sparta side that had zero shots on target!! Decided to take another crac
  15. Feyenoord Season Review 2023/24 League Table - 10th After the torrid time at Hoffenheim I jumped straight into a job in Holland at a struggling Feyenoord, 15th in the league and having another sorry season at the bottom of the Eredivisie. They have a pretty young side with some good players, they just lacked anyone to put the ball in the net, top scorer for the season finished on 7 goals, managed to turn their fortunes around a little bit and finished in a respectable 10th position, really hoping to push on strong next year and cause some surprises, that or hope reigning champs Ajax mag
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