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  1. Kingstonian - Vanarama National League South - 2019/20 I have finally managed to complete our 1st Season and what a crazy season! The boards expectations were met, exceeded and under achieved. We scouted all of the under 23 teams and suddenly more players offered their services, we trialled 66 people over the course of the season with the key players being - trialest number 24 Antonio Diaz, #31 Joseph Colley, #32,Kipras Kazukolovas, #34 Odysseas Spyrides and #35 Vontae Daley-Campbell (he lasted only a few months before going to Blackburn) As it turned out, we were in a tense title race with Chippenham for the majority of the season. We were level on points with 3 games to go as they went above us on goal difference. Chippenham preceded to implode losing 3-0 to Oxford City. Needing only 1 point to win the title we had (yes you guessed it...) Chippenham in the final game. We battered them 4-0 to win the league and gain promotion to the Vanarama National League. League Table - Champions! Squad Fixtures Part 1 Fixtures Part 2 Cups - Disappointing defeats to Maidenhead and Eastbourne Borough. Transfers Part 1 Transfers Part 2 The Departing The Incoming Achievements Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama South 1st 4th Q Round 3rd Q Round Aims for next season establish ourselves in the Vanarama National League , rebuild the defence and a decent cup run would be nice. End of season funny......Apparently we were playing in League 2 and next season going to be ground sharing with Leyton Orient.
  2. I am looking forward to finally starting this challenge. Profile --Here-- I did not want to keep reloading so had a pick of the following:- Hednesford , Halesowen, Kings Lynn, Bishops Stortford, Kettering and Kingstonian I chose Kingstonian for the challenge - lowest capacity, worst facilities and no affiliate.
  3. Hi Neil, Thank you for your reply, I am not running any custom stuff.I applied all of the above and verified the cache twice, but the error still occurs.
  4. Hi,Similar to the thread below, it does not matter which saved game I use after I try and save 2 separate notes from the Inbox screen (usually about staff increases, upgrade of facilities etc..) the game crashes. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/384646-Crash-dump-when-saving-a-specific-note.?highlight=Saving+notesThe error appears in a Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library box Runtime Error!Program:C:\ Program Files...... R6025-pure virtual function call The game the stops working. I then close the box and steam restarts and I can load the game from the last save point.
  5. Name: Lowie Vandevelde Position: natural AMC or Competent MC both as playmaker Age: 18 Club: SK Torhout (Belgium Division 3A) Value:7k Sale Value: 50k WP: No Professional this player has immense potential will be a Belgium international. I had him at a semi-professional club and he came on loads, with FT training who knows.
  6. Hi all, great tread with some excellent discussion.I am managing Truro, there appear to be a few half decent youngsters and they are progressing well. However I am now getting feedback saying that their progress is stalling due to them needing a new challenge, they are playing the odd league game, FA Trophy and FA cup games.I am also tutoring them.Any ideas on how I can ensure they keep progressing, I should get promoted his season and hoprfully turn professional.
  7. Hi all, Is there a way to export notes I have created for example reminders on New Gen dates so that I do not have to create them for every save game. Regards, OcM
  8. I signed him for Oldham amazing... 1st season he won me League 1, 40 goals in 43 games, 11 assists and 9 MoMs 2nd season in Championship, 14 goals in 15 games, 2 assists and 3 MoMs Definite Freebie still only worth 275k though
  9. This thread is amazing, I had not thought about individual training schedules. I just have 3 generic schedules for Def, Mid and Att. I will now pu more focus on this as have been enlightened to the benefits and growth potential, and the last post about determination is also good to know. I always try and build my teams around youth and tutoring but obviously have never maximised the potentials. I always setup my training schedules to include all schedules and even if it was just a few notches below medium intensity. Question. Can anyone tell me which attributes should be trained first when selecting individual training focus, which attributes should be trained first to maximise further individual training. For example a for a Attacker : would Composure be 1st and then off the ball and finishing (random attributes for example).
  10. Name: Julio Alvarez Age: 29 Nationality: Venezuelan Club: N/A Position: MC AMC AMR Value: Free Sale Value: €2.6m My chairman sold him over my head on 21-01-12 at Numancia Work Permit Needed?: No (Spanish 2nd nationality) ) 13 assists in 15 games and 6 goals average 7.55
  11. Name: Julio Alvarez Postion: AMR / AMC /MC Age: 29 Nationality: Venezualen Work permit needed: No (Spanish 2nd nationality) Highly recommended 13 assists in 15 games and 6 goals average 7.55 My chairman sold him over my head for 2.6m on 21-01-12 at Numancia
  12. I am very impressed with the dedication in this thread and have decided to start my own save, hopefully I can have success. off topic....It looks like the Pozzo family are trying to add more clubs to the Udinese feeder model by investing in my local side Pompey. (fingers crossed they are true)
  13. I would recommend Perugia in Serie C2/B for a challenge. Once in Serie A. A decent team, and finances with ok facilities. 1st Season expectations = Title Winners
  14. I would recommend Perugia in Serie C2/B for a challenge. Once in Serie A. A decent team, and finances with ok facilities. 1st Season expectations = Title Winners
  15. All players signed for Perugia in season 1 Serie C2/B Name: Geraldo Sprio Postion: CB DM Age: 24 Nationality: Belgian / Italian Work permit needed: No Current Club: FC Charleroi Fee: FREE Name: Tom Murray Postion: CM Age: 18 Nationality: English Work permit needed: No Name: Yoann Djidonou (very reliable) Postion: GK Age: 25 Nationality: Beninian / French Work permit needed: No Name: Daniele Conti Postion: AMC / ST/ AML Age: 22 Nationality: Italian Work permit needed: No Name: Iker Undabarrena Postion: CM / DM Age: 16 Nationality: Spanish Work permit needed: No Name: Boris Nkoa Postion: DM / CM Age: 19 Nationality: Cameoonian / French Work permit needed: NoReleased by OM 30.06.11 worth keeping an eye on. Name: Luca Avanzi Postion: RB Age: 22 Nationality: Italian Work permit needed: No Name: Francesco Ferretti Postion: LB Age: 22 Nationality: Italian Work permit needed: No Name: Alessandro Cammarieri Postion: MC / DM Age: 22 Nationality: Italian Work permit needed: No
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