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  1. update: the problem is every single one of the kits on the game is messed up. they are all black, I don't know why. and on matchday it goes all white, its like all black on the general homepage with no logos or anything. and on the tactics screen there is no shirt at all there like there is just a number of the kit eg. number 7 or 10, on the pitch there is no actual shirt so consequently I cant drag the players on the tactic screen. Ive tried installing kit packs but it has not worked.
  2. look I have tried uninstalling it but it hasn't work. Ive accidentally deleted some kit files, but when I reinstall it on steam it does not reinstall the kits. anyone know how to completely reset the game. ive deleted every fm18 file on my computer and tried reinstalling it on steam but I have still got the missing files when I reinstall.
  3. so I accidentally deleted some important fm18 files that has now messed up my game, I did not know whether they were important sorry. anyone know how to completely reset and get a fresh fm18
  4. Thank You Very Much......I was going to complain to Football Manager
  5. I bought FM 2009 and I ran it downloaded the game but AFTER I put in my product key it says 'this application cant connect to the internet, please check your internet conection' Can you help please? it would mean a lot!!!!!!!
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