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  1. You're right about the chances, it's indeed about better chances. There's no PPM for long shots. Decision making could be a problem. Well I'm not playing with a very good team. The players don't get isolated, but it's more that there seems to be no option inside the box to pass the ball to. About your suggestions: - The team shape, I think you mean change to more fluid? But that means players pay less attention to their own mentality and more to the team mentality so I guess my BBM will get more defense-minded? - If I give him an attack duty, he will also be closing down more, that gives us a less chance to trigger a counterattack. - That's not the problem, it's not going too fast. - Haven't tried that option yet. I've been analyzing and I've uploaded a video with some moments that happen very often. There's not a lot of penetration into the box but there's also little space. I don't really know what to change to get better chances. I hope you can help me a analyze the problem with this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YLRUEpZ2AU&feature=em-upload_owner
  2. Thanks for your response Herne. I've been watching full games and the counterattack gets triggered now and then, but won't last long most of the time. So my expectations are probably too high. That makes me wonder if it's worth the effort to create a counterattack like this. I lost in the play-offs for promotion so second season I'm in the VNS again. But this season the results are less good. Most of the matches I'm dominating, but I just can't create chances with this tactic. We're playing the ball around at the opponents half, but without creating chances. What gives me a lot of matches like this: Tactic: GK FB-CD-CD-WB A WM(o)-BBM-CMs-WM(a/o) DF How can I create more chances? So far the danger comes from these two scenario's: Througt ball to our left WM who crosses the ball. Or a pass to our DF who drops deep and our BBM is getting into the box, but this happens not very often. If I give my midfielders more attacking roles they will also be putting more pressure when we're in defense so the chance for a counterattack triggered gets smaller. One the problems might be that I don't have any creative players, 9 is the max for creativity.
  3. I'm trying to build a tactic with a very direct style of playing. I want to sit back, lure the opponent, hit the ball long for a quick 'counter'. But so far I'm not really successful and I could use some help. I have two strikers that are quit good targetmen and a striker with a lot of speed and ability to beat the offside trap. My idea was to hit the ball long to the targetman, the TM can: 1. head the ball to the poacher, 2. control it and pass to the poacher or shadowstriker. To keep these three players up front I use a structured mentality and try to create space between them and the rest of the team so they can profit from the time and space. I just can't create a working tactic with a targetman. TI: defensive/counter, drop d-line, go route one/more direct passing Problems I'm facing are: the players seem to just kick the ball far away and often not even near my targetman (could be lack of quality). The shadowstriker won't run past the targetman when a long ball is played. So we're nog really creating chances. I hope I can get some tips here, also about playing long ball football/use a targetman in general. Below my tactic: (language is dutch btw;))
  4. Ok, I've been reading this topic over and over en trying to get counter attacking to work, but i'm becoming a little desperate. I've been experimenting a lot, but now I've gone back to the basic tactic Cleon used. It fits my players so it seemed like a good idea. I'm managing Kingstonian (youth scenario) and the tactic worked very well. I was in the top of the league (Vanarama South). But all my goals came from normal play and not out of counters. Now and then a counterattack is triggered, but very often killed within seconds. So, tactic: GK FB-CD-CD-WB A WM(o)-BBM-CMs-WM(a/o) DF Problems i'm facing: 1. Getting the counterattack triggered. Lots of teams play 4-4-2 and play direct football. So kicking the ball to their strikers, very often I win the ball before the opponent gets far into my half. So no counterattack is triggered. They also keep their backs behind and often one of the central midfielders. They won't come out and just kick the ball to their strikers. I really don't no how to get counterattacks. Only TI i'm using is: drop D-line a little. 2. Creating chances out of open play. We often have a lot of possession (+60%), but we're not effective. We play the ball around just before the penalty-area in the diamond DMC-MC-MC-ST, but without options to pass a ball through. That's why I end up with a lot of shots from outside the penalty-area, but no good chances. Or we just lose the ball and face a counterattack ourselves I've been trying to tweak the tactic, but I end up with a few attacking roles with the consequence that we have fewer chances of triggering counterattacks. I hope someone can give me a helpful tip.