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  1. What works for me is inviting a lot of free players on trial, let them play 3/4 weeks in your B-squad and you know everything about them. Usually there are enough players who can improve your team.
  2. Thanks for your response! I was already experimenting with more fluid and that seemed to work. Just couldn't figure out why exactly, but you made a good point about the strikers being less isolated and less running blind to the defense. Also the run with ball less is a good idea, just didn't think about it but it makes sense. We promoted this season so that's good. Had to win the playoffs and we did, but not with convincing play to be honest. That's bothering me a little. I wonder if I judge my players right and ask them to do the right things. We're pretty low on decision making in defense and midfield. You think that could be big problem?
  3. I'm playing my second season in the vanorama league south with Slough Town. First season we just missed the play-offs. This season we have one of the best teams in the league, we are predicted 3rd. That means teams will more often defend against us and will give away less space, particularly behind the defence. Last season we scored a lot of goals out of fast transitions, a long ball to the DLF followed by a through ball to the poacher. But this season that's nog working well, the more defending teams being the reason I guess. I'm really struggling to create chances. I've read a lot of articles on this forum, but I can't get it done. I'll try to show my ideas as complete as possible. I hope some of you can help me. Team compared to the league: The only thing that really jumps out is the bad score on decisions, which is of course an important attribute. So that might be something to worry about. A couple of key players: Tactical ideas: Since most teams are sitting back against us I decided to play on the counter mentality. Like I read a lot of times in Cleons posts: it will give force the AI into our half to give us more space. When we can't counter we build-up carefully. Which should be possible because most my players are comfortable with the ball. Since this is still LLM I decided to go with a structured shape. Not too much freedom and it will make players focus more on their own job. The tactic: CWB's are maybe a little positive, but I've chosen this role because the WB's are more involved in the build-up play. What I see is that they are more thinking. When I pick WB (a) the seem to be one dimensional. They choose too often for the dribble and get isolated at the byline. And I think an attack duty is necessary with the counter mentality, because I want them to get forward, provide width and give crosses. Ideas to create chances: 1. Quick counters and exploiting the agility and pace of the poacher. 2. Through balls to the poacher or the CM (a) when he jumps into the space the DLF provides when dropping deeper. 3. Crosses from the WB's. When the WB's get the ball I want the CMr and CMl to give them cover so they can play the ball back. These two players should be the pivots to help us switch play to the other side. They also should be picking up the balls that get cleared by the AI's defenders. Things that I see as problems: 1. WB's get often isolated at the byline. I want the CM r and l to provide support, but they are often too far away. I want these CM's to stay a little wide, but they when we have possession they are often too far in the center. I don't know how to fix this, I tried various rolls. 2. Too few movement in the center. Very often the MC's don't have good options and there are almost never chances to give the through ball. But maybe I'm asking too much of my players? Well I hope a couple of you can help me and spot things I'm approaching wrong. Am I putting trust in the wrong players? Tactical mistakes? I really don't know! Are these players better options maybe: They're creative, but lack physics, determination and defensive qualities.
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    Haha we had the same thoughts
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    About the crosses: Why can they cross so easily? Are the back giving the crosses or the wingers? Because with your wingers on attack they will not do a lot defensively so it's possible that your opponents get an overload on the wings. In that case you could try to get your wingers more defensively involved by moving them back or give them a support duty. Another thing: Your central midfield seems unstable to me. The advanced playmaker on attack will move forward and will roam around. So he's not doing a lot defensively. Your BWM will also be running around to press so there's no one holding position in the centre. And how is your target man doing? He will attract a lot of long balls which might lead to loss of the ball.
  6. Thanks for your response. Good point about the different styles of play. If the striker holds up the ball the tempo will decrease, but it could still work if he doesn't need to hold it up too long. I want to focus on a more possession style of play. I think it's good to get my striker involved in the passing, but with three players present in the AM position is it really necessary? I've been trying DLF (a or s) and CS (a or s). Last two matches I tried a trequarista in combination with 2 SS and AM(s), but that was no success!! Thanks for this tip, missed the ppms of the striker which were run down right wing and play easy passes. Last one isn't too bad. Yes, I believe that's the key, but I'm getting very frustrated that I can't get it right. I watch a lot of full matches, but I just don't see it. It seems to be a different problem every attack. But most of the time they're pretty close to each other, especially the three AM's and the striker. And yes complementing the roles, I understand, but that's the problem. I can't get it right. In my head it isn't hard. I can think that a DLF(s) could be combined with 1 or 2 SS, but to get it actually working is another problem. The SS often get the ball at the moment when they are moving back from te box to the AM space. But that should be the other way around. I want them to get the ball when they move into te box.
  7. No problem, English isn't my mother tongue either ;). I understand what you say about this combo, but I have to say it isn't working that bad. Most of the time we're able to get the ball out of defence to the midfield. And the DLP is actually supporting quite well and is now and then on the edge of the opponents box. I've tried that, but also without succes. I've tried to play with an AP in the centre and two SS with a DLF up top. But it rarely happens that the DLF drops deep and that the SS use that space. And the DLF has the PI move into channels so wouldn't he be in the same space as the SS? I chose the AF because he is pushing up and forcing the CB's to move back, that would mean more space for the AM's. I understand, I don't expect him to do that. The reason I chose this is that in this way, when we build up over the left flank and the AP gets the ball, we can move the ball from the AP to the AM, and sometimes defenders are going to press one of these players. Then there is space for the SS and AF to move in. But it doesn't happen very often.
  8. I've been playing FM for quite a long time now and I've read quite a lot of articles on this site. Which are great btw! I like messing around with tactics and try, change, try again, etc. But I always end up with the same kind of problem which I never seem to be able to fix. If I play a tactic with focus on possession I always end up with a lot of long shots and very few good quality chances. Very often it's crowded just outside the box and not much space to work with. I want to show two things I've tried and I'd like to get some advice on fixing this. But it's also possible that my expectations are too high, because in the articles on the forum the tactics seem perfect, which they are not of course. I assume with those tactics you don't get every single attack what you want to see and there are also moments that players don't move as you wish. I've tried to get the 4231 narrow working. And of course there is a big risk of overcrowding the area just outside the box of the AI. So the space I need has to be created. Idea behind the first tactic: (I'm playing mostly standard, flexible when I'm experimenting) I want to control the game, have possession and have different ways of creating chances. Build up should be done through the DLP and the backs. They should link up with the AM(s) and the AP. Ideas of creating chances: 1. through balls to the striker or SS (passes given by AP, AM(s) and possibly de DLP. 2. Crosses, mainly from the FB(a) on the left side, who will arrive later. TI's: Play out of defence and play wider (to get the AP and SS in the channels) and get more space. With the AM dropping deeper and also the moving AP I hope to create space when defenders are following them. Sometimes it works and I get through balls, mostly when the AP gets the ball, gets pressured, finds the AM (or AF) who finds the SS or AF. But very often it just runs dead there because the area is overcrowded. I've been playing with the striker role to let him create space, but then I have very few penetration into the box. An other thing I've tried: Moving them all back to create space. In this set-up I'm struggling to get the ball forward and the CM(a) don't really get into the box so often. Sometimes they make a run, when they can't get the ball and when they're moving back they get the ball, which is not the idea of course. I would like to have my striker be the main goalscorer, because I've never been able to have striker with a lot of goals in a system with only one striker. But that should be possible... I hope you can give some tips and spot 'mistakes' in the tactics I've tried. Or give more general tips about creating space.
  9. I recognize your problem, that's what I find the hardest part in the game. I can try to give you some input ( but I don't know if this is the right thread to ask this question). I think you have a lot of players who will end up in the same position when attacking: 2x IF, Mez, Tm and if the move takes longer your BBM and IWB will also arrive in the centre of the field, just outside the box. On top of that, teams will park the bus against you, because you're City plus you push your d-line higher up and press more, that will keep the other team in their own half denying you space. So I guess it's very crowded and there will be no space. What you need is to create space to run into. An option is to drop down so the opponent will move up the field and there is space behind them to exploit. Another option is to create diversion around the box to get defenders out of position, but that's what I find very hard too. Check out the threads from Cleon: explaining the 4231 and meeting the inside forward, there he is explaining this more.
  10. Haha take it easy man. The reason I didn't want to discuss that was because it's not where my question is. And yes I felt a bit offended, but I know that it says something about myself too, so it wasn't meant arsey I hope you still want to respond. And merry christmas of course
  11. I don't get what you mean here, that might be because English isn't my native language. Sit of the of the players marker, I can't make sense of it:P Of course I understand that, but if I pick a winger he doesn't just run to the byline and stops moving when he doesn't get the ball, because he finished his trick. He will move back to search for the ball or to make this run again. I expected the IF to make a run inside and when he doesn't get the ball, move back to make that run again. But he doesn't do that apparently. But not really interested in discussing this. Feels like you treat me like I'm dumb so I still wanted to respond and explain myself ;). Totally right, Thanks for pointing that out. I used the stay on position because I was feeling he was getting in the same area as the IF and they were too close together occupying each others space. But you're right this is another consequence. I removed the PI. Makes sense indeed. That's what I've been trying last couple matches without a lot of success. I feel the only player who can actually be a diversion or create space is the striker. So I've been changing his role. Tried different things: CF, DLF(o), DF(o), last 2 added PI roaming. He's moving a little more, but he's not really creating a lot of space. Now I'm trying to get the ball quicker from the right to the left with exploit flanks. It gives the back more crossing possibilities, but the actual problem stays. You have any tips in how to create space with this formation?
  12. Thanks for the response, I did read the article that's the reason I've been trying different mentalities. I've also tried it on standard and counter mentality. We're sitting deeper then and when we move forward there's more space behind the opposition. But when there's no through ball given in an earlier stage of the transition we end up in the same 'recycle possession without being dangerous again'. And that is really frustrating as I can't find the answer to it! With a WB(a) and a W(s) on the rightflank and a WB(s) on the left flank I'vr tried to create width. It's working now and then with a through ball to one of the backs who crosses it in. The easy answer would be: to create space for himself, but apparently that's not the way the role works. We're indeed not going wide a lot and I don't understand that. I'm playing without a playmaker so no ballmagnet in the centre. The WB's really have space, but indeed the ball always ends up in the middle. The cm(a) is trying to get in behind, but at moments he can't recieve the ball, then he drops deep, gets the ball, plays it back and goes forward again. Theoretically the IF(a), and CM(a), and the DLF(a) now and then, should try to get behind the opposition.
  13. I'll show you my struggles in the video below. A little context: Mentality: Control (sometimes standard), shape: fluid TI: Shorter passing, play out of defense, sometimes more wide. Formation GK (d) WB (a)----CD (d)------CD (d)--------WB (s) Anchorman (d) CM (a) CM (o) W(o) IF (a) (PI:stay wider) DLF (a) How I want to play: control the game, have possession, create chances. Ways to attack: 1. Crosses from the right side of the pitch DLF(a), CM(a), IF(a) in the box 2. Through balls to IF, mostly from the CM(o) who is the most creative player and has PI's: dribble less, stay in position (otherwise he gets too deep), more risky passes 3. Through balls to CM(a), from CM(o) or DLF(a), that went very well last season Problems I see: Overcrowding the area just outside the box. The IF comes inside and stays inside so there's no movement anymore. Is that normal? I think it's better when he goes wide again and tries to infiltrate again. The winger(s) isn't wide enough, but I wouldn't know how to keep him wider so there's more space for the cm(a). The movement isn't that bad in my opinion, especially the cm(a) has space now and then, but the timing is bad, he goes deep when he can't get the ball. When he comes back in the midfield he gets the ball, but that's way too late. I'd appreciate feedback. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZzFqytailk