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  1. I know it's an old topic, but it's exactly what I've been looking for. Is this FM 19? When I search for staff it just doesn't show the incline option. Any idea why?
  2. Thanks for your response. I know my right flank is quite exposed, but I need some width there (WB) and I also want penetration from the midfield. If I switch the midfield roles the CM(a) and IF(a) will end up in the same area's. Any ideas on how to create more chances? My problem isn't the defensive, but the attacking part.
  3. Good evening, I've been trying to create a 5-2-3 for a while now, but I can't get it to work. The biggest problem is creating chances, defensively we are quite good. Last season we were 5th in the league if I sort on goals received despite finishing 14th. I started at balanced, but switched to positive to get a more attacking mindset and more forward thinking. I wanted to create a tactic based on controlling the match and possession, but that might be a plan for the longer term. If I look at the team comparison we're a team above average. Only on decisions we're quite low, but in my basic team decision making is decent. Here's my tactic: The idea is that the AP comes inside and drop back a little. The WB(a) and CM(a) should overlap. The IF(a) and the CM(a) should be the main goal threats. I'm still struggling with the striker role. The out of possession instructions might be a little extreme for this level. I'm already experimenting with a less higher LOE and Defensive line, but so far no real results. Any obvious mistakes? As I said the problem is that we fail in creating chances.
  4. 4-2-4 DM So far I've come up with this. The challenge is of course to deal with the big central gap in the tactic. I've thought about playing very direct since we have 4 players high up the pitch, but since none of them is really big or strong to hold up the ball I've chosen a different approach. The middle should be occupied with the AP, VOL and the F9. Sometimes I use a Trequarista instead of an F9. So far it's working ok. In this way I can have Canales, Joaquín and Lo Celso in a more or less creative role. The forward players are all instructed to press more. The two wide players actually do a lot of work defensively. I started with the LoE a little lower to help close that gap, but it wasn't really working. These last couple of matches we played with a normal LoE and it worked better. Results: We started the league against Barcelona and Real Madrid. Especially against Barcelona we really had chances to take at least one point. Real Madrid surprised us with a 4-2-4 strikerless formation. Last match was great. I'll try to share one of the goals with you.
  5. @Jambo98, how do I know I have the right one. When I start a new save it says: update 19.3.0. I can't choose 19.3.4 or anything like that. I'm using steam so it should be updated right?
  6. Why? This seems not a good idea since I face a lot of teams that play with three midfielders in the centre. I guess this instruction would make it easier for them to find the free man in midfield. I think when they play with a DM he would get even more freedom since my midfielders mark probably the other two CM's. I've tried both instructions (shorter passing and lower tempo), but I'm not sure which one works better. I need at least one of them I think, because playing with both on normal we lose possession too easy. Why would you pick shorter passing and not the tempo?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I've thought about a BPD and I know it's a safer option. But the guy I'm playing in that role has also great dribbling. Against a 2-striker system it works great. Very often he dribbles between the two strikers into the midfield beating their first line and creating an extra man in midfield. Any ideas on how to make it work with a libero? Especially the two CB's, is it possible to keep them more narrow in possession? I know I have too much risk in my tactic, but I don't know how to make it less risky and still play with a libero. Tried a WB(d), but he is also too advanced to give cover against a counter attack. Well for me LL team is more the bottom of the English leagues, but ok they're not top-class. The idea was to dominate possession and win the ball back as soon as possible. But you're saying that these instructions are too much all together? I'll try to play a little less risky.
  8. I usually play LLM and play mosly direct, but @herne79 's thread inspired me to try something different (yeah I know, I'm number 273 who got inspired by it, so good job!) I started a save with Almere City (read an article about them that inspired me too). I created a system that worked ok during pre-season, but since the league started we're getting our ass kicked too often. I think I know (some of the) issues, but I don't know how to fix them. Maybe I'm trying to do something that's more or less impossible. Ok let's get going. I found two players in my squad where I wanted to build the tactic around: He is our most creative guy and I want to use him as an advanced playmaker on the wing (I've always wanted to try that role). I know he lacks some composure and decision making, but he's the best I've got. This is a little bit weird player. He seems like a nice libero to me. Never tried that role too, so why not... The tactic: The idea is to dominate in possession. Press high and win the ball back as quick as possible. Possession numbers are ok. Most of the time between 55-60, sometimes more than 60. The AP is told to sit narrower and is allowed to roam so he will be more in the center. He often draws the opponents RB with him, creating space for the overlap and a cross or cutback (hoping for the cutback, that's why we're attacking fairly narrow). I went for a WB(s) and overlap because a WB(a) will dribble more and gave us a lot of lost possession. The other idea is to overload the left flank and create space and switch to the other side for the IF(a) to attack the box and hopefully score or assist. The Libero and the Cm (d) should be supportive in the center to recycle possession. Issues: We're incredible vulnerable for counter attacks! Teams often use the space behind my WB's. A lot of goals come from an (early) cross from one winger to the other who scores at the second post. One of the reasons is the positioning of the CB's. Look in the picture below. When we are in possession they are (almost) as wide as my WB's, with the libero going forward this creates massive gaps. I can't get them to stay a little narrower (I guess they do this automaticcaly when you play with a libero?). Any ideas on how to fix this? Another issue is getting the high press to work. Sometimes it works really well, but very often teams are able to beat the press. One of the reasons is the CM(d). He is on a (relative) defensive mentality and he doen't really step in and press. When the other team plays with one or two DM's they can easily beat the press. If I change him to a support duty the press works better, but we're even more exposed since we're playing without a DM. Maybe this system isn't suited to play a gegenpress style, because there are not enough players high up the pitch. Another issue: When we build up down the left flank there is always a huge empty space because the MC on the right comes towards the ball. I've tried changing his role (cm(s)), but it doesn't help, he will still come towards the ball (no ppm). Any ideas on how to get a player in that area? If a player is there he draws an opponent with him which creates space, or he is in free space to do something with te ball. I could go for the IWB, but then I don't have any width on that flank... One last thing, which might be about quality. When my AP passes to my WB on the left he often passes the to the corner of the field instead of a low through ball. No idea why, now I get long crosses instead of cutbacks: This pass ends in the corner over the sideline. If he gives it low so the WB can take it with him we have an opportunity. This happens quite often. There are more issues of course, we don't really score a lot or create CCC. But who knows that's something for later. I hope I gave enough context to give me some tips.
  9. Thanks so far. I think I'll have time to experiment with it tomorrow. I'll keep you informed and ask questions that might come up. I signed this guy btw, might have influence on how you would set up a different formation. Yes he does different things, but he doesn't always play hoofball in LLM. Even with Stalybridge he creates overlaps, uses creative roles like mezzala's etc. Why pick balanced mentality btw?
  10. I understand your reasoning to pick Annan for that position. Last season I allowed them to change positions during the match. Rivers has the PPM cuts inside from the right wing, that could make the play a little to centrally focussed I think. I wonder why you would choose to let them mark specific positions and mark tighter?? Ok, so you pick speed over his low attributes for 'of the ball' and 'positioning'. Now and then I watch a show from Rashidi, but he always mentions these two attributes as the first he looks for in a central midfielder. Why move into channels? Shouldn't he be in the middle as much as possible? So you would go for a sort of hoofball strategy. Sit back and just kick the ball forward for the targetman and try to support him and attack fast. Yeah, I know that in LLM physicals are very important. but you also need some creativity right? The reason I opted for play out of defense is to lure them into my half so there is more space in behind the opposition.
  11. If you want to I would be grateful. I'm especially interested in why you picked the tactic and roles in relation to the players and their attributes.
  12. @herne79, Thanks for your response. Pretty accurate... But what I already said, I didn't make a decision on attack/support duties. I chose the poacher because Rashidi often uses the poacher because he plays simple passes and then focuses on scoring. But I want one of my wide players on an attack duty. Last season that was the IF. But I find that often when we attack the an IF(A) is already inside and in the box before a through ball can be played. I can't get that 'timing' right. But what you're trying te say is that my striker needs more support. I agree. So I want one of the wingers on attack and maybe one of the CM's. And of course I have to review the striker role. I'm also considering a dlf(A) or a PF. I hope I got your point
  13. @Experienced Defender I hope this post didn't become too long. But thanks for your response and that your willing to think along! Of course defending is about the whole team, but I didn't want to put too much screenshots in one post. It scares people away I guess. I'll try to give you an idea of the whole squad. My two wide (and star) players. Rivers scored quite a lot of goals last season and Annan is my assistking. For now my idea is to play Rivers on the left side and let him come inside. And to play Annan on the right side as a winger (unfortunately lacks some speed). Dan Maguire is my first choice striker. Decent finisher, but also pretty ok as a supportive striker. Sampson is a targetman of course. Haven't used him much last season. I could sign O'neill, he has played on loan for us for the last 2 seasons. A real poacher but also quite good in the air. I always find my central midfield the hardest part to get right. Doyle, great mentals for a BWM, makes lots of tackles and interceptions. Unfortunately very bad technical. Sangaré, technically great, but lacks mentals. Especially work rate, determination, bravery, vision, decisions. Despite his great passing not really suitable as a creator I think. Dixon: first season very important, last season I've used him less. Reason: his of the ball attribute and not really good physicals Reid: very allround and no real weaknesses, but also not really a creator. Then the two most creative midfielders: Bell: Great vision, first touch, decisions and of course speed! But his of the ball is really low. I always doubt about these kind of players in LLM games. The game rates him very high, but I think some really important mentals are too low. Of the ball, positioning especially. Chaney: decent creator, but physically not so good. Game rates him pretty low. Dawson, just like Chaney. Decent creator, but those physicals... Barnes: trying to sign him, defensively solid. Full backs. Canham is really good. Thomson and Nyaupembe are decent at the right side. I hope the post hasn't become too long. I wonder if I miss important attributes/options in my squad. For now I've created this tactic. But not really sure about support or attack duties. Maybe I want the wingers a position back. Since we're not one of the better teams I want to sit a little back and try to attack fast and direct. Exploit the space behind. Also no sure about the TI's
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