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  1. Good morning all, recently bought my first football manager for about 6 years and have started a game as the mighty Arsenal I know nothing about the training aspects or potential abilitys so I'm playing it from fresh Looking to play a 4-2-3-1 as I'm not yet fond of a 3 man defence they play in real life and looking for a decent right winger (ideally a inside forward to complement Sanchez on the other side) and a decent forward ( unless Giroud or Lucas are any good?) Any help will be very welcome
  2. NF!!!! Everything is going well, still married and have a 6 month old daughter now, left my job and on the verge of a new one How have you been? What's all this Australia talk I read up on?
  3. Wow this OTT really has died, I thought it was bad when I posted a couple years back
  4. It's sad as I've been here since 2005 but as someone said people grow up and I expect this generations FM players probably don't interact as much as we once did, personally I haven't played a PC version of FM for about 3 years (play Mobile version), I simply don't have time for it now, I pop in here from time to time to see how things are though
  5. Hart hate I don't get as he is England's best goalkeeper although I'm gutted for Butland, Wilshere I dislike because he comes across as a very dislikeable person and he never seems to be fit and for me hasn't progressed in his potential all those years ago, Rooney has had a dip in form but I would still take him to the Euros
  6. a mixture of stupidity and desperation, he left us a couple of times to manage over clubs in a similar situation (relegation battles) but in a higher league, he seems to be doing well now though
  7. 2 years i think Martin Allen finally coming good at the 4th attempt
  8. pfft Twitter guess i'm getting old, barely use Facebook
  9. this place really seems to have died down a lot, have a lot of usual's disappeared?
  10. yes to the same girl from a few years ago, got made permanent in July last year
  11. Things are good, job is stable if not the most exciting, getting married in november how are things with you Mr Forest
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