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  1. Not recently. No the matches still don't play in 3D. I have sent the html file as instructed.
  2. I have removed the custom graphics, game still plays in 2d but not 3d
  3. The game plays in 2D I have some custom badges etc, it's never affected it before DxDiag.txt
  4. No, I don't see the pitch in the background. I've done both DirectX and Net Framework, still the same.
  5. Tried both of those suggestions, no luck I'm afraid.
  6. Hi Felix, I've done those 3 steps, the problem hasn't been resolved.
  7. Hi all, My matches won't start. Anyone know the cause or a solution? The screen is just black and exiting the match and returning does not help, nor does pressing cancel changes and I can't press tactics. This has happened on every save and has persisted after I reinstalled the game. Cheers, Tom
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