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  1. My record sale only stands at £20million. To be honest, i've not really sold many players because i've managed to hang onto my better ones. I would say the majority of my best players have stuck at the club 10+ years. Secondly, i've always bought in low, and sold higher, but clearly not significantly. However, my team isn't all that good to be honest, i've never had (bar Ricardinho and the £55million offer which I rejected) anyone hugely talented worth enough money! One Champions League final, two Europa League wins. Obviously the Champions League is my next target. Yep, started in level 8 using one of the databases. The most successful team from down there would be Prescot, who lost out in the Championship playoffs. No-one bar me from the lower leagues has progressed that far up. From non-league Ebbsfleet are probably the most successful, but have never managed to have a continued spell in the PL.
  2. Oh, and just because, here's a video of some goals I did a few seasons back:
  3. Yeah, we're a small little selling club. We bring in no money, we have no fans. I've spent way over my means this season, so i'm likely to have to let go two or three first teamers this summer (i'm looking to recoup around £30 million, a good 100k on the wages). The numbers above seem to be horrific, but we've never been in an awful state. It's the major reason why it's taken me so long to get where we are; most of my players slowly become unaffordable and I end up selling because the wages hit 70k+ What we really need is a new stadium, as 24k isn't enough, and a decent sponsor to come in. They've been in place since before my CL efforts, so i'm hoping next time around we get a decent offer. And yes, a takeover would be alright if we dont get someone in with lots of money, but even if we become rich, i'll never spend it, it would really just make the club safe. It's frustrating, certainly, when I see how little we make and how unrealistic it is, but i've managed to work around it PS: Don't forget, this is FM11. I'm sure things have improved since then! My epic left winger was a £5 million purchase, just turned down a £25 million offer. Ricardinho scored 33 goals last year, brought him in for free, just turned down £60 million (although i'm getting twitchy about that one...) Started down in the Zamaretto Central, which is two levels below the Conference South. I know! I think Anne might be a dutch male name, but i've decided that she's the first woman ever to play in the football league. He/She had long hair and a girly face anyway!
  4. The formation is incredible Works lovely, it's a 4-3-3 when attacking, drops back to a 4-4-2 when defending. It took me a bloody long time to win the league, far too long really. I didn't spend a penny until I was in League 1, until I realised I needed to start kicking on. The Premiership, by the time I hit it, was quite clearly dominated by the big few (Champions League money means they've pretty much broken away; only West Ham's billionaire owner has consistently kept them up with the usual 6) meant that it took me a fair few seasons to get anywhere near. I've also been pretty tight with my money; record signing Jose Ramirez cost me £14 million, so i've never really spent too much. I'd much prefer to spend cheap and sell big, even if that means i'm having to work for my title rather than buying my way there. I've overspent on wages this year, but it's clearly paid off; I was top after 3 games, 12 points clear by November. As for cups, the first cup I actually won was the Europa League Never won a lower league cup, most promotions were through playoffs / second. Europa has now been won twice, FA Cup three times. I managed to get to the Champions League final a couple years previous, but I lost 4-5 in the final In fact, until 4 years ago, I hadn't really been in the Champions League at all, and the few times I did, I lost in the qualifying rounds. I've only made it to the group stages 3 times. In terms of club growth, it's been low. I've never had much of a following for the team, until I managed the CL final, we had averages of around 20k in the stadium. Never sold out. This year every home game has been a sell out, so I want to upgrade, but we can't afford it. We're still a dinky little team in the grand scheme of things! So yes, it's been a bit of a save game of love. I've always skipped out on the new games because this save has been so bloody amazing. I couldn't care less how crap we are, I feel somewhat attached to the team now <3 So, here's some screens as requested: Newport Pagnell History: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_10.png Newport Pagnell Info: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_14.png Newport Pagnell('s tiny) Stadium: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_20.png Newport Pagnell All Time 11: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_1.png Newport Pagnell Finances: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_9.png Newport Pagnell Expenditure: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_22.png Newport Pagnell Wages: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_19.png Newport Pagnell Income: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_11.png Current PL: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_16.png Current Championship: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_4.png Current L1: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_12.png Current L2: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_13.png Premier League Winners: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_15.png FA Cup Winners: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_8.png Carling Cup Winners: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_2.png Champions League Winners: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_3.png Europa League Winners: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_6.png Euro Winners: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_7.png World Cup Winners: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_21.png Richest Clubs: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_18.png Coefficient: http://imageupper.com/s02/1/9/J13787496661998738_5.png As you can see, the Premier League is fairly in tact, but the lower leagues have been scattered like crazy. Wigan in particular; they've spent most of the last twenty seasons playing non-league, dropping down to the Blue Square North for a good while. Arsenal's saving pays off Any other screens, just give me a shout
  5. Yes, i'm posting this everywhere, but i'm incredibly proud :****) From starting in the 8th tier of the English League in 2010, and 57 seasons, 2965 games, 10 promotions and 5 relegations later, i've finally won the god damn Premier League. Yas! What the hell do I do now?
  6. All that video has shown me is that it was a **** season, but Poldi is clearly amazing and Wenger underrrates him.
  7. I'm clearly the only fan who doesn't feel any negativity towards him. I don't really blame him; it's a shame, but I understand why he's looking to move on. Let's say he's telling the truth about 'different ideas moving forward'; i'd leave my job to go somewhere else in that same situation. We've let his contract run down, which was silly. He had a good season. Make a jump for it while you can, football is a bloody short career. I still think it's massively different to Nasri and Adebayor; he didn't get all c*nt*sh. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am.
  8. Such a ***** comment. He's not a traitor. This is hardly the same as Nasri / Adebayor douchebag-ness.
  9. Hey there. I'm still on FM11 so this is perfect for me. I have a couple questions. I've created the UAE league myself, it wasn't originally in the game. So, there won't be a 'file' as such for me to edit, like the XML that you can download. I think i'm right in saying that? Anyway, the 'official' rules state that you can only have 5 foreigners, 1 of which must only be from an Asian country. It's set up in the Asian Champions League too, but you can't edit it in yourself. Any way how? Also, how do you set it up so that the FA Cup forces replays rather than ET + Pens?
  10. As said by me a number of times, the only one I really want is the U.A.E League. Hell, with Cocu and B. Kalou going over, it's defo. getting bigger. Me and the 'bro made a crude re-make with the Editor over the Malaysian League. (On 07). I don't think i've ever enjoyed a league more. Go on Al-Nasr! We love you.
  11. What would be cool, and helpful, is if i could multi-select some players to shove in the reserves, or vice versa. Would really help pre-season when i bring all my reserves up to the first team for friendlies.
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