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  1. What's your budget? I'm sure it would be fine for FM17 but for the same price there are definitely better options. I'll have a look if you want.
  2. Hi everyone Anyone want to take part in a fantasy draft online tournament? Depending on how many people we have, we could have multiple games and then a GRAND FINAL between the top players from each of the games. If we can get this tournament going as a trial, maybe in future we could do something bigger. Thanks James
  3. Hi everyone. So I just bought Football Manager 2017 a few hours ago after I've been wanting to get it for a while (when I saw it was £11 on Steam I got it straight away!!). This is the first version of FM I've ever owned, although I played it a bit a couple of years ago on iPad. I was wondering: do many people record their saves and if so, how? By this I mean as in taking screenshots of different stages in the save to look back on etc. I always feel like I need to record everything when I play a game like this which I suppose is just my personality, but if anyone else does the same it would be very helpful! Thanks
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