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    I\'m 17 years old and my name is Andrew Mackin. All that you need to know is I\'m addicted to FM

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  1. Been a while since I checked it, but a group of teams from Wales stopped playing in competitions organised by the Welsh FA and started to play in competitions organised by the English FA. Off the top of my head, the teams that did this are: Swansea Wrexham Cardiff Merthyr Tydfil Newport Might be a couple more, but these teams were called the Exiles as they stopped playing in Welsh competitions A few decades later, these clubs continued to play in English competitions, but made up with the Welsh FA, and were invited back to play in the a cup. I think there's a cup called the Premier Cup (or there was) which Wrexham Swansea and Cardiff won for a good few decades on the bounce as they were so much better than the likes of TNS! Hope that helps!
  2. Used to play the old FM Live, built my team around a solid base of hot prospects, injecting a bit of experience here and there....and then promptly went on a 60something winless streak
  3. Definitely this! I agree that spending around £30 on a game every yeah which doesn't change radically every 12 months may not be worth it. Especially when the previous version is still so playable! However, doubling the development cycle would nearly half revenue the developers make considering that the majority of people will buy the game every year. Besides, even if you do buy it every year, you're still getting insane value for money considering the hours you can get out of the game Now developing a way to carry a save from a previous game into the latest version (FM15 to FM16) would certainly be worth buying it every year!