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  1. Been a while since I checked it, but a group of teams from Wales stopped playing in competitions organised by the Welsh FA and started to play in competitions organised by the English FA. Off the top of my head, the teams that did this are: Swansea Wrexham Cardiff Merthyr Tydfil Newport Might be a couple more, but these teams were called the Exiles as they stopped playing in Welsh competitions A few decades later, these clubs continued to play in English competitions, but made up with the Welsh FA, and were invited back to play in the a cup. I think there's a cup called the Premier Cup (or there was) which Wrexham Swansea and Cardiff won for a good few decades on the bounce as they were so much better than the likes of TNS! Hope that helps!
  2. Used to play the old FM Live, built my team around a solid base of hot prospects, injecting a bit of experience here and there....and then promptly went on a 60something winless streak
  3. Definitely this! I agree that spending around £30 on a game every yeah which doesn't change radically every 12 months may not be worth it. Especially when the previous version is still so playable! However, doubling the development cycle would nearly half revenue the developers make considering that the majority of people will buy the game every year. Besides, even if you do buy it every year, you're still getting insane value for money considering the hours you can get out of the game Now developing a way to carry a save from a previous game into the latest version (FM15 to FM16) would certainly be worth buying it every year!
  4. Very proud dad.

    Good work, love this!
  5. Manager Wages

    Probably why I'm getting so many job offers and why my job is always on the line at Bolton then!!!
  6. Has literally zero effect on gameplay, but a strange one anyway Managed in the Welsh Prem for ten years, then went and bagged myself the Bolton job (admittedly in League One). 7 Years later and its my third season in the Prem. And for all my hard work, I've just been handed a new deal.....of 81k a year As I said, has no effect on the game anyway, but this is surely a bit off? Had a couple of contract talks with the hierachy and they wont give me those elusive six figures. But i was also offered the West Brom job at 1mil a year and the Man Utd job at 3mil a year. Also managed Holland for a year on 800k Has anyone else seen this? I can't understand how little my current club will give me, even with boat loads in the bank, when I'm being offered 20 odd times that at other clubs?!
  7. Not quite going to beat it but close! Managed Connah's Quay in the Welsh Prem to the title, and on the fourth attempt, fluked it to the group stage of the Champions League Lost all six games, including an away loss to AC Milan 14-0 Did a lot better in the home tie, losing 'just' 14-1 28 goals shipped against one club in two games
  8. Career routes

    There's a load of players who are doing it on my game, although I'm not using real players. Just started my 7th season as Boreham Wood, and just got them into League One, and every single player I've signed was a youth who's been released by a Premiership/Championship club. After 4 years, the player will generally not want to play for the paltry wages I offer and so I'll ship them on for a bit of money in the last year of their contract. The player in question almost always moves up to a bigger team in a higher division. The better players I've sold have ended up on massive contracts and Championship clubs, and I suspect some will make it into the Premiership as these players are only 22/23 by the time I sell them. I guess in game, the big difference between a player making it or not is the games he plays. Leave him playing for the youths/reserves and you'll end up releasing him, or get him to play 40 games a season in the lower leagues and he'll become quite the handy player. But to answer your question, they've not quite made it into the Premiership (yet), but a ton of players in my game have been released as youths and are no playing for megabucks in the professional leagues
  9. Manager Name

    When changing my manager name, I always set nickname I only do that when I think I deserve a knighthood though
  10. Sad to see...

    Way to prove Roy Hodgson right, Jurgen was after his job all along!
  11. David Beckham

    Slow Retirement? I was a researcher ages back for SI (updating teams and players attributes etc) and there was a box you could tick for a "slow retirement", essentially ensuring that a player's current club would be his last. Think Maldini in his 40s at AC Milan. Doesn't matter what club you are, he won't be interested
  12. I remember good ol' Miles calling this years ago on one of the very first podcasts. He basically said that he thought the English Premier Division would become some sort of European Super League and The Championship would become the top tier in English future. So yeah, SI have a fortune teller it seems In terms of FM, if it were to somehow go through I'd assume SI would just add whatever league the EPL becomes as it's own playable nation with any rule/prize money changes that go with it
  13. How the fairy tale ends

    You're supposed to paint a picture of imagination! FM is the canvas, words are your paintbrush!
  14. How the fairy tale ends

    Not as in depth of yours, but in my defence, it was on CM0102 I was managing Caernarfon Town in the Welsh Premier and after about 6 or so seasons, I'd taken us from fighting relegation to toppling the might TNS and winning the league. I signed an ageing Robbie Fowler to lead my attack and the legend that is Ray Parlour and over the next few years cemented a stranglehold on Welsh football. I'd go entire seasons without losing a game domestically and having a clean sweep of all cup competitions. All that remained was Europe Over the next decade I'd progressively go further in the Champions Cup. After all that time we were still minnows in Europe though. I couldn't keep hold of my best players as a 1st Division club would just table an offer and my player would want to move to a 'bigger' club. Eventually (and this is more than 30 seasons now) I get a team which can compete in Europe. We were never expected to win, but we could get through to the group stages. Think of it was a modern day Lille or Deportivo. However, it seemed that clubs like Juventus and Bolton (who are a big team now btw) would play their reserves against me, who I could beat. After being underestimated by our more illustrious opponents, we scraped win after win and found ourselves in the final against Roma. A less than thrilling shutout later and it ended 0-0 after extra time and went to penalties....which I lost. I was devastated. This was our one chance to do the impossible, and we fell at the final hurdle. I decide to see what happens next season. One year later, the exact same has happened. I've kept hold of my players and we've gone on another European journey and made it to the final again! I couldn't believe it! Our opponents? The old nemesis Roma. And keeping to tradition, we drew 0-0. Our destiny would be decided on penalties, again We lost, again. The offers rolled in. My star players all left, and due to being limited by the reputation of the Welsh Premier, I couldn't replace them. Gareth Collins, my first ever good regen. A world class goalkeeper who would leave for Valencia for a staggering 60million...all of which was useless as no player worth more than a couple of million would join my lowly team in Wales. We were a victim of our own success. The higher performances in Europe's premier competition attracted teams to my players, who all left for greener pastures After over 30 years and two consecutive Champions Cup final penalty losses, my players went their separate ways and my squad was gutted. And with that, I retired
  15. Relegation Avoidance Tactics

    Also, do everything you can to keep morale up. Morale seems to be really important in this game, so telling your players that they played well in the last game, or having a friendly against a rubbish team when you have time can work wonders