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  1. A few ideas i would like to see implemeted. Target Men Rather than choosing how to focus passing to the target man on team instructions, I think a better idea would be to have drop down boxes at the side of the player once you have dragged them in to the target men field. This way I would not have to keep changing the team instructions to accommodate which target man is playing (basically I forget to change it sometimes, resulting in me aiming passes to Tevez as if he is a tall striker with good heading ability) Partnerships I would like to see a partnership comparison screen added to help determine which players are better suited together. The screen could show win/draw/loss ratio, goals, clean sheets, assists, average rating, etc. Media Interaction I think the media side should have better AI involved. It’s very rare that I answer any of the media queries, this should result in them not asking my opinion on things as they realise the answer is going to be “no commentâ€. An alternative is to assign it to the Ass Man (like Redknapp, Allerdyce and Ferguson do for the BBC). Processing Screen Rather than just showing team stats whilst results are being processed, player stats should be displayed or if possible team stats from other countries you have running. Set Pieces Set pieces are really important to most teams yet it is not possible to actively create good set piece routines. A set piece editor is required to assign starting positions and where to attack the ball. For example, a lot of teams have all their players stand near the penalty spot and as the corner is being taken they run to their specified zone. This creates confusion with defenders and can result in players getting away from their marker for a free header. Bench Comments During the game it can be very easy to miss things, especially if you play it at high speed. Bench comments would be useful to point out things you may have missed such as formation changes by the opposition, knocks to players, pitch/weather conditions. All things that are displayed but may have been missed could be added. In the case of injuries and knocks it could display what the injury is so we can determine if they can continue the game. I do not want the bench giving me hints to what I am doing wrong or how to beat the opposition only items that are available to me. Inbox The inbox is a good addition in my opinion. It saves me having to wade through news items I have no interest in but it can be improved. I should be able to select which items I want to read about. At the moment I am only made aware of things like job vacancies and player awards if my name or the club is involved. I would like to choose to receive these news items.
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