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  1. Yeah I reported that bit to, as I havent been able to sign a scout for this reason, maximum I can offer is £100 scout or £120 cheif scout so cant get a single person. So far managed a work around with a player scout which it let me pay more.
  2. I did, apparently its what its supposed to do!
  3. OK great thanks, Just felt a bit odd as a LLM club to have access to £91k of transfer funds! Thanks
  4. This just doesn't seem right
  5. Was able to adjust my budget to give myself a 91k transfer budget and it only impacted my wage budget by about 1k a week
  6. Not sure if this is a bug but it seems a little bit odd. Cant find a single scout that doesn't start with less than a £200 wage expectation and the lowest I can get anyone to is £140 but the highest I can offer is £100. Might just be the way it is but it seems a little odd!
  7. Starting to wonder if its a bug? the fact that theoretically i can change my transfer budget so that I end up with a 91k budget and it doesn't really impact my wage number
  8. Really struggling to get a scout as cant offer more than £100 a week
  9. New Manager of Chippenham here http://imgur.com/YZwIXeS
  10. Any chance you can upload the chippenahm Save, bored of reloading already!
  11. just got the 24th - time to reload until Chippenham shows up!
  12. all 4 of my first team strikers injured! Guess its time for the youth to step up!
  13. Yup nothing to exciting! I am playing him as an advanced forward, with the attack duty
  14. Jsar - Chippenham Town - Vanarama Conference South- 2017/18 Table | Season Review | Overall Best 11 | End of Season Awards | Board Confidence Not a very in depth round up for this season, we really struggled at the start of the season sinking as low as 17th by 10 games in. We spent most of the season in the mid teens but some last ditch wins towards the end of the seaon saw us climb to finish just outside of the top 10, a reasonable finish for our first season in the Nationals. Last seasons super star George Cater didn't play as single game due to an injury at the start of the season and strong form of my strikers in his absence. Youngster Marley Bishop-Wisdom stepped up and claimed Georges crown and goal scoring record Other player of note was new captain Jamie Tank who as the heart of the team. In other news the club was bought out by the fans and we relocated to a new stadium Season | League | Position | Europe | Top scorer | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 | Conference South | 4th | N/A | George Cater (25) | Promoted via playoffs 2017/18 | Conference National | 11th | N/A | Marley Bishop-Wisdom (29)| N/A
  15. finding my second season (1st in the National) very hard!