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  1. finding the Championship a real struggle. 2nd season and finished 20th! Thats Season 26/27. I guess onto 3rd season in the Championship hopefully this one can be a bit better!
  2. 1st season in the championship finished. Scraped through in 21st with 46 points. Going into the off season with another takeover bid happening so hopefully it gets sorted before the transfer window this time round
  3. Arg transfer Window just opened and still no takeover and embargo on signing players! this could end badly!
  4. Season 24-25 Finished 6th in League one and promoted via Play offs, no time for a full update but should be enough info for the board Thanks
  5. away for the xmas break so not got time for a write up, but season one in League one now completed, solid start with a safe 16th place. proper updates on this and the last season to follow at some point. That being said I might do a few more seasons whilst at the in laws so might have more to report at some point.
  6. Haven't got time to do a detailed report atm, but for the sake of updating the scoreboard, just got promoted to League one via the playoffs!
  7. WEYMOUTH 2021-2022 Not a bad first season in League 2, didn't manage back to back promotions as many have done but a mid table finish should stand me in good stead for the next season. After an appealing start saw us lose 7, draw 2 and win 1 in out first 10 games, things did not look good. By the end of November we had only managed to pick up 4 wins and where labouring in 21st position, but something changed in December, the team finally clicked and we managed to secure 3 wins and a draw. January saw a return to the previous years form but 5 wins in 5 games, scoring a total of 16 goals in February helped continue to climb slowly up the table to 13th where we managed to hold our place through the rest of the season. Top Scorer - Ellis Iandolo Highest Average Rating - Callum Chettle Signing of the Season - Romario Vieria SQUAD End of Season Confidence League Table | League Overview Season review End of Season Awards In other news i also tried to sign this guy simply due to his name, managed to get him trail and a fee agreed but couldnt get their on contract in the end
  8. Finding it tough from a scouting point of view to know who is good and who isn't? Keep getting recommended players who are playing at a "Vanarama North/South Level" its like my scouts don't realise that we have been promoted, twice!
  9. WEYMOUTH 2020-2021 All in all a great season for us, our formation which i called a 3-4-3-0 on the last update but having looked is actually a 5-2-3-0 continues to deliver. I was trying to find out stats for possession across the season, as this tactic is giving over 50% most games and is a key reason for our success. Despite spending pretty much the entire season in 1st place we decided to make promotion difficult for ourselves by drawing our last game to make us go joint top (2nd on Goal difference) and so had to go up via the Playoffs, again we managed to make this as difficult as possible, going to penalties in the semi finals and a dramatic thriller Vs Tranmere in the final. After going 2-0 down by the 11th minute things where not looking good, a Luca De La Torre goal in the 21st min gave us a bit of hope and and unfortunate own goal in the 52nd minute put us right back in the game. an 80th minute strike from James Alabi had Weymouth fans thinking it was all over but a 94th minute from star loanee Adam Freeman put us into extra time. Two Goals from Monty Patterson sealed the deal 5-3 and promotion to League 2. Despite an appalling finishing of 5 (which was an improvement across the season) Ada Top Scorer - Adam Freeman Highest Average Rating - Adam Freeman Signing of the Season - Adam Freeman Squad End of Season Confidence League Table | League Overview Season review End of Season Awards
  10. Tried to give them both a sign, Hazard as a loan wouldnt come to me :(, Moller would but i couldn't afford his wages!
  11. Well that seems like a pretty good Brexit result?
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