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  1. really cant figure out scouts or Directors of football etc. Still recommending VNS players when I am now in the Championship!
  2. Really need to do some Updates, Two whole season and a promotion since my last one!!
  3. Well cant find my News Item but based on the fact that anyone foreign I have looked at needs (and fails to get) a work permit i must have had a Hard Brexit! I can see this making the rest of the challange a lot tougher!
  4. Tried using the search box for Brexit and didnt get anything so guessing its already gone as news
  5. yeah i thought it was that, i didn't pay attention to my Brexit but i am assuming i got a hard one? as need WP's for every nation. Anyone got any idea where I can check if the store has already gone out of my feed?
  6. Signing non UK players is a bitch now!! Cant get WP's for anyone, is this normal change due to new RL rules or have i not paid attention to my Brexit and that's screwing me?
  7. 2021 - 2022 SKY BET League Two WOW, just WOW what a season! Despite my 8th place finish the season before there wast a lot of talent willing to come to play for the Bluebirds this season, so I was expected a tough season with at best a repeat of the top ten finish from the season before. Things started off very much as expected and by with my first 6 games consisting of 4 loses, 1 Win and a Draw, but then a 4-0 win in the check trade trophy happened and set me on a crazy course for the season. I proceeded to go on a 19 game unbeaten run, 13 of which where wins, including and epic 7-4 Checktrade Trophy S 2nd round game against Bristol Rovers. We got to the Third round of the FA cup, eventually crashing out 1-0 to West Brom, and the QTR finals of the Checktrade Trophy S with Arsenal under 23's beating us 2-0. We finished the season with another 17 game unbeaten run, but with a lot more draws in this run and only 9 wins, but what these two outstanding runds did secure for us what the top spot and automatic promotion to League 1. unsurprisingly I also won Manager of the Year!
  8. Awesome! Is it worth adding a Number of seasons played column? Appreciate it could be worked out from the Year, but would be useful.
  9. 2020 - 2021 Despite my initial bleak outlook on the season, with my already exceeded wage cap and struggle to find decent players loan or otherwise, the season somehow turned out to be a pretty miraculous performance. June was full of soul crushing player recruitment, which saw me not sign a single player. As I was staring down the barrel of the half strength team and the prospect of filling it with my youth, i bit the bulletin and request a wage increase from the board. Intail feedback was negative but when i pointed out that our rivals would out spend us and we could lose players to them, they bucked up their ideas and doubled the pot. Whilst my reputation as a newly minted L2 side dampened many of my transfer goals, eventually I started to find some who fit the bill and would help us at least stay up. Pre-season went as to be expected, we let in 21 goals in 8 matches, winning only two of them. The season kicked off with a closely fought 0-1 loss, followed by a 1-5 thumping in the EFL Cup 1st round by Reading, then things just got crazy!! 3 wins on the bounce and 11 goals in 3 games including a hatrick from last seasons super star Ike Ugbo. For most of the rest of the season we yo-yoed around the top ten and going into the final few games a playoff spot was looking really likely. In the end the dream had to end and we finished in 8th, 16 places above our predicted spot. Is evidenced by the EFL Cup, the cups where all a bust with me not wining a single cup game all season. Player wise their where three players that really stood out across the season and contributed to the overall success of the team. SEASON LEAGUE POSITION ACHIVEMENTS Top Scorer 17-18 VANARAMA SOUTH 3rd Promoted Via Playoff Bradley Bubb (24) 18-19 VANARAMA NATIONAL 19th Bradley Bubb (16) 19-20 VANARAMA NATIONAL 5th Promoted Via Playoff Ike Ugbo (27) 20-21 SKY BET LEAGUE 2 8TH Ike Ugbo (24)
  10. Hmm I guess I should have been more forceful with my board earlier! Just got a wage increase by £10k that should make the season a little easier.
  11. Any Advice for 1st Season in League 2? Really struggling to find players and think its going to be a hugely difficult season! Even struggling to get decent loans in
  12. so currently the most I can offer a Key Player is £230 a week! Surprisingly I am not signing any star players for my newly promoted side with this tempting package! Loan reliance it is!
  13. 2019 - 2020 After last seasons poor performance and relegation battle the only way was up, but are pre-season and starting games made it look like another tough season could be ahead. With 3 losses, 1 win and a draw and 8 goals conceded in our first 5 games of the season, our new formation was looking decidedly shaky, add in the 17 new signings and team cohesiveness was bound to suffer. But then after that Game 5 win, something clicked and things started to look up, the next 5 games where 3 wins and 2 loses included back to back 4-1 victories, with star signing Ike Ugbo hitting the net 4 times. From there things bounced around but with more wins than loses, culminating in a cracking 5 games winning streak to close out the season. We finished 5th and went into the playoff Semi Finals against Ebbsfleet and after a tights 3-2 home win in the first leg, with of course Ike scoring the 3rd goal in stoppage time, we ground out a 2-2 draw away to go through to the finals. The final was against Eastleigh who we had beaten both games in the league, one of them being one of the 4-1 thrashings mentioned earlier so we where quietly confident. It was an even game only separated by of course man of the match, Ike Ugbo , scoring in the 70th minute. The Cups where a bust, going out in my FA Cup 4th Round Qualifier and the 2nd round of the Trophy to a team from the league below. Best signing and player of the season by far was Ike, scoring 27 goals and securing the clubs all time top scorer record. Conner King and Conner Teirney where both stalwarts for the season as well. All time best 11 and end of season awards So i am now off into the world of League 2, but think its going to be a strugle. I am currently £3k over my wage budget and I havent signed a single player yet!! SEASON LEAGUE POSITION ACHIVEMENTS Top Scorer 17-18 VANARAMA SOUTH 3rd Promoted Via Playoff Bradley Bubb (24) 18-19 VANARAMA NATIONAL 19th Bradley Bubb (16) 19-20 VANARAMA NATIONAL 5th Promoted Via Playoff Ike Ugbo (27)