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  1. Beat Chelsea 6-0 at home with Newcastle in the first season (no signings). Ba got 4 before Cabaye and Santon chipped in. Probably more memorable though was a 1-0 win over AC Milan with Belchatow (mid-table Polish team who only qualified for Europa League through winning the Polish Cup).
  2. Well at least it's not just me. Crafty - Agreed about the player interaction. When they first started rejecting offers I went into the player interaction hoping there would be something along the lines of "I think you should go on loan to get regular football to aid your development" (just incase listing them for loan didn't tell them that!). Perhaps this is something SI could add as an expansion of the player interaction in future. Paul - useful to know that they seem more willing to go to an associate.
  3. Has anyone else had problems getting players to go on loan. I'm managing in the premiership (1st season) and must have accepted over 20 loan offers only for the players to reject each and every one. It's not even that I'm accepting from low leagues, I only accept offers from teams where the player will play but be at a good level for their ability (e.g. championship or league 1 mainly). In reality I would imagine if the manager told you to go to Southampton for 6 months to get regular football, any young player would go, so why is no-one willing to leave on FM?
  4. In this case it is definately an own goal by the goalkeeper, you feel sorry for him as he couldn't really do anything but it is an own goal. Like phnompenhandy I do however see quite a few goals given as own goals when I very much doubt it would be in real life, examples including: - Defender racing back to make a clearence gets a leg to the ball but can't stop it going in, not an own goal as it was going in anyways but in FM it credits the defender. - Deflected shots seem to usually be credited to the defender, regardless of whether the original shot was going in or even if the deflection made much difference. - Goalkeeper tries to take a ball out the air or stop a powerful shot and the ball goes through the hands, poor goalkeeping but not an own-goal.
  5. Youth intakes

    You can view the youth players released by a specific club by going into their transfer history and choosing youth players, there should be outwards (i.e. released) as well as inwards (i.e. intake) shown for all years after the first year.
  6. Couple of things from my current game which are annoying me: 1) I play 4-2-3-1A formation however I have a better AML than AMR so I switched which wing is further forward from the default right to the left. Why does the game now think this is 4-4-2 not 4-2-3-1A? It's exactly the same formation but mirrored. 2) Player is upset because I told him he could move at the end of the season and he wasn't sold, several other players upset I don't keep my promises. I offered him out for £0, it's not my fault no-one wants him!
  7. Minnows Winning It All

    I've noticed that in my save the cup competitions often throw up some interesting outcomes. A couple of examples from the 2011/12 season include: - Newcastle beating Swansea in the FA cup final (both were already relegated) - Fortuna Sittard won the dutch cup (they play in the Jupiler league) - Non-MLS team won the US Cup (can't remember which right now)
  8. More than one playmaker?

    I don't think that you'll have any problems playing more than one playmaker as long as your overall team tactics suit this, i.e. passing football rather than long ball. I currently play with a front 4 of an AMR, AML, AMC & ST. I have both the AML and AMR set to advanced playmaker and sometimes also the AMC (depending on which of my 2 main AMCs is playing) and I have overachieved with my current club Belchatow so playing multiple playmakers certainly doesn't seem to be harming us.
  9. I completely agree, the lack of volume of scout reports is my main problem with how the scouting works in FM12. I like to rely on my scouts and very rarely sign players not already identified by my scouts, however it is incredibly difficult to get your scouts to give a rating to players based in your league. As a result when I come to look for a new signing there are hardly any players to choose from. Not exactly the best option but at present I have resorted to selecting the whole squad of all teams in the Ekstraklasa and requesting scout reports, at least this way I can see who my scouts think are good players in this league.
  10. I can see what is being said about the scouting assignment is so short because the scout already has 100% knowledge of their home nation. Perhaps it is how the game presents this but this still seems a little wrong. For example even if I had the most knowledgeable person in the world about English football, I would still expect they would attend matches and continually reassess their opinions not just wait 2-3 days and recommend me the same players they recommended the week before. To put it another way I would imagine Man Utd have pretty extensive knowledge of players in england in real life, but they also still have several scouts attending matches up and down the country all year round. Yet the way the game presents it the only way for Man Utd to scout in England would be to reassign the scout every few days or hire a foreign scout with no knowledge of England to scout England. I know it's been said that this ie being looked into so hopefully this will be improved in the next patch. P.S. Thanks to whichever Mod merged my post into the existing thread.
  11. Has anyone else found that some scouting assignments are ridiculously short? I have just started managing in Poland and my scout can do a full nation-scouting assignment on Poland 3 times a week. Similar assignments on FM11 would take roughly 2 months. I noticed similar things in France when playing as PSG in the demo but hoped this was due to the limited database. So does anyone know how to prevent this, at present my scout hardly finds anyone because he doesn't scout long enough to even attend a few matches...
  12. Reputation madness

    Forgot to add that this was with a starting rep of automatic. I got the job by choosing it but loaded a new game after the Jan window shuts using Norwegian dates hence the Feb start.
  13. Reputation madness

    I'm not sure they have toned it down. On 8.0.2. i was PSV in Holland: First Season - Got the job halfway through the season when they were 5th. Won the league, quarter's of Champions League (CL) and early cup exit. Second Season - 2nd in league, early cup exit, won super cup and got to first knockout of CL. Third Season - 6th in league (I know it was bad), early cup exit, first knockout of CL. Fourth Season - Am currently top by 10pts with 11 games left, out of cup and went out in group stages of UEFA Cup. Now to me this isn't a good record as I have struggled with the best team in the country, yet my reputation is World Class and I am being made favourite for all the top jobs (although no actual offers). Seems like I got the World Class rep too easily.
  14. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Klimowicz: unlucky, mate i backed up all my fm downloads on a DVD disc. i recently downloaded the Updated 8.0.2 patch, haven't really noticed any change from the standard 8.0.2. was there a changelist? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> If you mean are is there a changelist for fixes between the first 8.0.2 patch and the updated one, then there are only 2 changes: 1) Turkish fnances have been changed because Fenerbahce & Galatasary kept going bankrupt really easily which ruined alot of people's games in the Turkish leagues. 2) The original patch accidentally set Jermaine Defoe's transfer deal to £1m per appearance for 50 appearances, which made Spurs rich and Portsmouth bankrupt, this has been changed to £1m after 50 appearances.
  15. I understand what you are saying but I think that the same is often true in real life. I can think of many examples of older experienced players being able to impact a game more than the better & fitter younger players. The reason is that they know how to play a game, you can have an 18yo MC with perfect passing, technique etc... but if he doesn't know how to adapt to a gritty game or deal with an opponent who knows all the tricks they will struggle.