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  1. MID-SEASON As you can see, we are still on our course to get absolutely unexpected promotion. To do so, I brought these two experienced Superleague players to help us achieve that feat.
  2. SEPTEMBER 2021 What to say, fantastic start, I cannot really ask for more! 6 games - 5 wins! And here's the table, totally unexpected, even by me. Now my goal will be to somehow get promotion to the SuperLeague, if possible, I am escatic, as is the board! And here are the salaries in the league, we have only players on free loans and players out of contract (playing for bonuses) in our squad, which makes this feat even greater!
  3. August exceeded all my expectations, maybe we can even fight for the promotion this season!
  4. Here is the state of the club at the start of the save. In next post, you will see my starting roster.
  5. I will be managing (for now) FK Tekstilac from the town Odžaci in the Vojvodina, Northern province of Serbia. We are currently competing in Serbian League Vojvodina (3rd tier of Serbian football) Colours of the club are blue and white. It is established in 1919, during the time of Kingdomsti of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, it is founded by an owner of cannabis fabric, German, Johann Ertl (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Ertl_(Politiker,_1882) and its workers (Vojvodina was first in producing cannabis for ropes, industry etc. in the Europe!). History still remembers that the great Rapid from Wien played some friendly matches with Tekstilac, back in 1936. Before WWII Odžaci was pure German town, but then, after the horrors of WWII, Germans were expelled, so, today, in Odžaci live Serbs, colonised after WWII by the communists, mainly from southern Serbia and Montenegro. The club itself has never managed to win any mayor competition, besides some zonal leagues. Probably the best achievement that club have is competing in 1/16 final of the Yugoslav cup in the season 1977/78, in that match, Tekstilac lost to Dinamo Vinkovci (now HNK Cibalia Vinkovci) 2:1 This is our stadium, I must admit that it really doesn't look impressive, but, I will work with what I got hahahaha. It has capacity of 1500 spectators. The stadium itself is called Stadion Lola Ribar and it is named after Yugoslav partisan war hero (People's hero of Yugoslavia, Narodni heroj). More about him you can read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivo_Lola_Ribar Stay tuned!
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