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  1. Imo Argus is your the best tactic, at least for me. Got different question. When i played few months ago i could sell my top best players (180ca+) for 150+ pounds and now in a new game i am getting offers for top players for about 91 pounds max, was it an update about transfer prices, did i missed something?
  2. What match prep? Do you use shouts? If yes which ones? And is it worth it to change mentality to counter when leading 0:2 away with man city for example?
  3. Tactic is nice but i have huge problems with ccc's in this game. So many matches are 3-1, 4-2, 3-0 in ccc's for me and i still lose the game. Its so anoying. I am destroying Real Madrid at home, making a lot of chances and they got ONE shot from long distance and ofcourse, its a goal. No fun at all.
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