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  1. Simple suggestion, I want to be able to see my stadiums expansion capacity without having the editor enabled. I could probably google Old Traffords maximum expansion capacity right now and have the answer within a minute, but that's different for a lower league club or a stadium built in 2020 that don't exist in real life etc...
  2. Faces has to be downloaded. Sites such as fmscout.com and sortitoutsi.net have different options, and also other graphics than just faces. Instructions should be on the sites.
  3. My intention was for him to just sit in front of the CD's so that we don't get countered as easily when losing possession against a 4-4-2 (which is the most common formation I face in the lower leagues). With your suggestion I'm scared he will charge in, lose the challenge and leave my two CD's against two opposition strikers which seems to result in one of them getting away and scoring from a cross more often than not. Does this make sense or am I being way too conservative? If I try your suggestion, should I change the DLP support to another role as well?
  4. Hey guys. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how I can improve this tactic? I play counter/flexible for the most part with only use higher tempo + pass into space for TI and shoot less often on all players + striker has 'roam from position' and GK rolls out to fullbacks for PI. I would really just like to know if any of you Einsteins on here see anything 'wrong' with this setup. Maybe a trained eye could instantly see that 'structured' would be good for this setup etc. I am one of the best teams in the league but have pretty poor players (lower league), if that matters. I am doing alright but many of my players are well suited to the league above us according to my staff, whilst none of the key players for other teams in the league are that good, so I feel I should really be running away with the title (after 25 games six other teams are a few points above/below me and that doesn't add up! Thank you
  5. Train your strikes to learn the PPM "likes to lob keeper". I don't have the issue with strikers of mine who does that. Others shoot straight at the GK though.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I am not building a new stadium and have not expanded/upgraded any other club facilities. This is a good suggestion. I have not looked through the changes myself so this may well be the problem. No other clubs seem to have this "problem" though judging by their club values, so I can't see what this could be unless the editor changed something specifically for the club I am managing, which is very unlikely. Hehe, I am just afraid it will be too easy to climb the leagues if my finances are much better than everyone else's.
  7. So after finishing my first season at my new club I looked through our finances only to see that the great financial progress we've had is down to one thing: Grants. Now what exactly is this? Can I stop it from pouring into my bank account? I have received over half a million £ in grants this season and a bank balance like that is rather unusual in the English 10th division I'd imagine (not played there before). I don't believe the club has a sugar daddy.
  8. I've been looking everywhere (it feels like) but can't find anywhere that tells me how many times I've hit the woodwork this season. Not in the league nor across all competitions. The reason I'm interested is because the few games I drew/lost this season were all due to me hitting the woodwork so I'd like to compare my woodwork ratio to other teams. It seems to happen more in cups than in the league. My shots on target ratio is 53% and I don't average an insane amount of shots so I'm struggling to identify the problem. If this is not possible to see it really should be added. EDIT: Without going through the match stats of every single game, of course..
  9. Most of what happens in a career you can go back and look at later. The only things I screenshot is my manager profile every time I join a new club in my journeyman careers and player stats of my favourite players. I can't really go back to see these stats at different points later, so that's why I do it.
  10. A few days ago I edited a few files in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\Preferences\version 3. I was originally going there to set "enable_weather_effects" from true to false, but think I might have done the same on a few other files. I can't remember which ones and I'm fairly sure I didn't change anything else than a few true-->false / false-->true. Now a CMD window opens every time I run FM and it can't be closed without also closing FM. After this started happening my game has also started crashing at random times, which it has never done before. Anyone else experienced this?
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