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  1. Ymm... I didn't make another backup save data.... But I tested this data with various pattern at the point of this day to check what would be happening next however, if I didn't make my first manager resigned, It always happened on the same day
  2. Excuse me, What you said is the problem is on the 8 year old game? or looking like I used on editor? Precisely said, I have kept my first character's winning rate just as repeating the load game simply until he won.
  3. Ok... how can I explain this...? I am playing this version for almost 6 years constantly. I created two character that the one is my oldest and the other is created for a refreshment, after I achieved a lot of trophy by the first one. That mean is I still play this game with two character at the same time. But one day, the disaster named 'crash dump' finally came to me. The specific one is I've encounter the message of the crash dump at the date of 2020/01/05 after the match on this day. But what I also can't believe or what makes me laugh is that it didn't happen, after I decided to make my first character resign from his club. I designed him as the greatest manager of this fm world. So I put much effort for this data, which is why don't want to make him retire. However, without a resignation, the doom was always coming on the doomsday so called '2020/01/05' as I said before. What is the problem of him? Attached file is a dump report , but the original is bigger than 2MB, so I made it packed as a 'zip' file. I hope it should be just solved with no problems as much as possible sooner or later. FM 2009 v9.3.0.36629 (2017.05.19 02.00.05).zip
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