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  1. same here since the full game came out , as soon as the commentary goes to a 2d highlight it shows a blank backround
  2. hey guys my game is suddenly showing me Inductions at the start of the game and was wondering if you can turn these off ????
  3. hey all , i just edited the german lower region to accept my custom team in the sudwest league , however i am not included in the Pokal Cup is there a way to do this
  4. i just want to remove the minimum age limit for german leagues , how do i do this
  5. hey guys can anyone remove the minimum age limit for the German nation ?
  6. hey guys how do you get into Advanced rules section in the FM 19 editor
  7. hi @KUBI re the post above , i cant find the transfer rules / adavanced rules in the editor???
  8. hi im sure this has been asked before , did a search and couldn't find anything, why is it we cant click into the Chairman profile in FM and is there a fix for this ?
  9. Hi @bluestillidie00 great skin , but is there any chance you could do a TCS skin with the main logo in the game bar as per my post here , you have to change the settings in the sidebar menu table.xml , i tried doing it myself but the table disappeared.
  10. Hey All is there any Skins that puts a Large Team logo in the bottom left of the Game Bar like some older Skins ??? Im using TCS19V1.1 Aero
  11. FM series getting Repetitive and boring to be honest , Teams are all the same , including same Board Questions when you take over a team , for EX Manchester UTD club is run differently then Newcastle UTD , I read somewhere before there was suppose to be software to rewrite features of the game from a 3rd party source anyone know of this ?
  12. i have updated all my drivers using an driver updater software , and have no problems now
  13. hey all i have being getting a BSOD while FM 19 is playing Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page BSOD its being happening the last 3 days on my laptop , when i am just using the laptop for browsing or watching a film it doesnt give me a BSOD please find enclosed a copy of the Hang report BSOD and my DiDxg DxDiag.txt HANG.txt
  14. hey guys anytime i play FM19 it seems to knock of my laptop speakers , everthing is completely Mute , EX: youtube has no sound is there a fix for this DxDiag.txt
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