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  1. I'm a Reading fan, and in pretty much every save I've done over the FM series, only once have I accepted their offer of a job - this was after they were relegated to League 2 in FM 15 and I left my Napoli job to build them back up to the Prem. Did manage to then get the Arsenal job, they sacked Wenger after finishing 7th in the Prem, the week before the Europa league final. 1st game in charge, won a European competition!
  2. Hey guys, having see a load of different laptops here and different recommendations, I need something simple that will be able to play FM17 plus any future instalments of the game that may come out. I don't really understand the specs and stuff, just need something that will allow me to play FM and use general MS Office packages and surf the web. Any help is appreciated, not really looking to spend more than £500 if I can help it. Thanks in advanced
  3. I agree, couldn't really get into the last few versions of FM, not since FM13, but now I find myself enjoying it again! It could be cause I've got for a challenge to make TNS in Wales a European Powerhouse, rather than going to the big nations and trying to keep the average age of the squad below 24.
  4. It shouldn't affect your chances of having a national team job, I was managing Celtic and got the Holland national team job, without ever managing in Holland or even playing against one of their clubs.
  5. It happens to everyone, I was sacked by Reading, went on to win the Scottish Championship and SPFL with Rangers (they were relegated to Scottish Championship when I took over) and got offered the Man City Job. Have a look at the tactics forum, it has many helpful hints and tips. What is your starting rep and coaching badges? Are they relevant to the level that you are trying to manage at?
  6. Just read the whole thread - thoroughly enjoyable! Great run in the cup, surely that must be helping the finances will both gate receipts and prize money?
  7. I had Belgium beat Russia in the final of mine, England lost on Pens to Jamaica in the second round.