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    Religion is rubbish. I hope the aliens shoot it with their laser guns.
  1. Because they have gone through the tournament with Desailly and he is there now, and they've been cheated out of a win.
  2. I take it that Capello is finished now?

    Would the FA really appoint Redknapp when he still has Tax Evasion charges over him? I mean nothing they do would surprise me, I just don't see it.
  3. I take it that Capello is finished now?

    Why should we accept that talented players aren't playing well as a team?
  4. Zero point for nil-nil?

    Because a lot of American sports fans can't comprehend the idea of a game being enjoyable despite no or low scoring. If you were I'd write the stupidity of this idea off as simply a difference in culture.
  5. Zero point for nil-nil?

    Are you American?
  6. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    Feels like its just before registration back in primary school come new pack time.
  7. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    I think if you agree two specific players and both set up that trade it will do it. Or at least one of you will get it.
  8. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    We still have 2 spaces left. Join soon if you want to get extra free packs from some of us completing teams. id: 3483 password: magicmagicman
  9. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    need more codes *twitches*
  10. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    Set up another group for overflow from these others. Still 9 spots left. id: 3483 password: magicmagicman
  11. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    He gave me the only card I've received on here a few years back. An Amber Card for saying Hull played in Orange.
  12. Probably wouldn't have been hard to work. I know usually in tv and film where time travel happens there is the whole working out what year they are in but it wasn't relevant to the story here so I doubt the writers saw the need to show it.
  13. The thread only took this turn because Miles is either misinformed or just flat out lied (maybe misled is more appropriate). If you are saying that they shouldn't be trying to reach as many people as possible because it would use resources well then that is ridiculous. If you are under the assumption that by using iTunes SI don't have to pay for hosting you are incorrect. Podcasts are hosted by the creators and iTunes points to the feed.
  14. I don't know of any other major podcaster (and I listen to a lot of a wide variety) that soley use iTunes as a distribution model. Being that you are hosting the files anyway and it was easy for me to download the mp3 directly and play it from (link removed) why are you insisting people need to get iTunes? Soley so you can get on the top downloads? That is fair enough, but seems daft to be informing people they can't listen if they don't have iTunes when they most certainly can. You should have a podcast link on the main site, if people think it is any good you will get subscribers mostly through iTunes any way.