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  1. I just won the World Cup with England. Now I know I can set it up by nicknaming myself but it would be nice to be offered a knighthood/damehood in such circumstances. A simple message of 'following your momentous achievement the palace has called... Etc' with a yes/no option to add Sir/Dame to your manager name. Things like would just make the game feel a bit more alive. Also please make it possible to rest players in an international team in between matches, especially at tournaments.
  2. I will see if that makes a difference. As said before, my laptop isn't really appropriate for running the game and I'll probably just have to accept some performance issues. However I still don't really understand why it is not affecting all my saves, especially saves which are larger and longer in terms of player numbers and length of time. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have uploaded the saves as Gran2 - Southampton.fm and Gran2 - Burnley.fm. Will holiday later if I have time.
  4. Potentially. The issues only appeared after completing one season (with Burnley) and three seasons (in the Southampton one), so it's not the simplest thing to check.
  5. I have tried all the steps listed there. No luck. To clarify, this is only affecting two save games.
  6. Having major lag on certain screens on certain saves. Now my laptop is terrible and totally unsuitable for running FM. I'm operating at 2 stars if I only load the Premier League on a small database! So anything else is half a star. I have no issue with slow loading between days, I'm very used to that, but the recent lag is making the game unplayable. On certain screens (inbox, tactics, player search especially) the game lags massively and takes ages to load. But this is only on saves I've started on the updated database. I have used the large database with custom force loading of certain players but with only England as an active league. For reference: -Southampton save - updated database - got three years in before the problems started. Large database, about 25,000 players now due to loading several European nations as 'players from top division clubs' -Burnley save - updated database - figured I'd loaded too many players, so just put players from top clubs, for about 18000 now. But have only managed one season before the lag has happened. -Meanwhile, on a save with Sunderland on the OG database, with 26,000 players currently from force loading more players than the other two , now well into the fifth season there is no lag at all. So can it really just be the amount of players loaded if the larger, longer save has no issues? It's the same in all screen resolution modes. I have used the Real Names fix and a Face pack on all three, nothing else. My Intel graphics drivers are up to date. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. That fixed it, knew it would be simple. Must have clicked it before Steam verified. Neil, thanks very much!
  8. Just loaded up my computer, clicked on FM only for it to say that it needed to be installed. I was confused because I already did that... in October. All the files are there but it won't run, and Steam has install rather than play. I can't verify the game files, that's greyed out. I don't want to reinstall, that will take the whole day and I don't want to lose my saves (I did save my main one on the cloud last night).
  9. Ok so an update: first full season using the tactic (2nd in the PL since being promoted) with Norwich we finished 5th. We went on a run of 6 games without scoring and didn't win in 10 around February which was very confusing but never mind. This season we won the title by two points (we lost on the final day but so did Man United, so we hung on!). We lost the FA Cup final to United though. And they knocked us out of the Europa League in the semi finals... But overall this tactic has been amazing. It takes time, especially with a smaller team/budget, to get the squad to make it work but when you do it is worth it. Asensio is fantastic as a SS/AM, scored 25 and got 18 assists in the league alone. Playing with a BWM but otherwise as is. I tend to be quite conservative and will shut down with a narrow 1 or 2 goal lead when we don't look like scoring and the opposition keep pouring forward. I usually shove on an extra centre back for either the SS or DLF and switch to contain. I don't think I've ever conceded when doing this and we have actually still scored a fair few late goals. But this only helps if you are already leading.
  10. Hi Franky. I'm fairly new to playing FM and your tactics have been a big help. I'm playing with Norwich and used your Supreme tactic to run away with the Championship. Carried on using that in the Premier League until January with more mixed results and very poor scoring rates. But we were always around 10th on a media prediction of 18th so not bad. Decided to switch to this to see what happened. Scoring improved and overall so did results but we still finished 10th due to losing so many games to one counter attacking goal. Anyway, decided to fully commit to it and spent big in the summer to improve my midfield and wing backs in line with what you said above and it's looking good. 4th after 7 games with 5 wins and 2 defeats (both of which were total drubbings though). I'm telling the CBs not to close down and tend to play short passing pretty much all the time. Have had some success with switching to contain and putting the WBs on defend when we are really under attack and it doesn't appear to impede scoring (came from behind to beat West Brom doing so). Will check my CBs speed stats but looking like a much stronger season!
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