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  1. I don't unfortunately. I have one from season 2, but the same issue is already in place.
  2. Hi, bit of a minor but weird one. Doing a Boston save, now at the start of season 3, checked the job history screen on my manager profile and there's no mention of the first in-game season, 2019-20. I definitely played it, managed every game and we finished 7th. But this screen suggests it never happened.
  3. My brand new long-term series for potentially the rest of this game cycle has begun. A journey-man career starting from Cambridge United, who were nearly relegrated from League Two last season. How well can we do with them? How far can we get in terms of our own managerial aspirations? Episode 1
  4. Not sure this is the best place for this, so please move if not! Just played a match in my Spurs save where the game only let me make two subs. I think the issue was that I subbed off Son for Jarrod Bowen but before it went through there was a highlight where Davinson Sanchez got sent off. The change appeared to have go through so in the 'forced change' window I subbed of Moura for Eric Dier and dragged him the CB position. When I restarted the action suddenly Son was at CB! I subbed him off for Dier again but I assume the game counted this as the third sub, as I couldn't make a further change.
  5. Hopefully that works. The save presumably exists separately on the desktop as I have five days of progress. And presumably if, when back on the desktop, I decline any download and just hope for the best...
  6. Ok so I'm using my laptop for the first time in a while as I'm away. On my desktop I've been saving my save in the Steam cloud section. Upon loading the game on my laptop, the file is there but it's the version from the 19th, so seemingly the sync hasn't gone through since then. Now I don't mind not playing it here, but now I'm paranoid that the current version of the save on my desktop might get replaced with this outdated version? Can anybody give any reassurance?!
  7. My new series for FM20 is with Chelsea. I now how an actually good computer capable of running the game properly! Can we survive the transfer ban? Can we survive my tactical incompetence? Can we survive the match engines inability to cross or score a penalty? Watch to find out! Episode 1 Most recent episode at time of writing is Episode 8. The new computer comes in with Episode 5. Enjoy!
  8. Hello! I started a YouTube channel which is dealing principally with FM a few months. After a brief test series and a few experiments I started my first major series with AS Monaco. To quote the description: "Monaco may be financially secure, but their recent season was one of absolute turmoil, narrowly avoiding relegation after selling most of their promising young squad. Can we do better, stop selling everyone, and become the dominant force in France and Europe? Let's see." Episode 1 Full playlist It is currently 48 episodes in, at the start of the fifth season with an exciting squad of players heading for their prime and a PSG who seem immune to FFP. Pretty low tech at the moment. I got an actual microphone from episode 29 onwards, so it sounds slightly better! Not an expert video editor by any means, but I'm having fun. Any views or support would be greatly appreciated. Have a great week! MrGran2
  9. I just won the World Cup with England. Now I know I can set it up by nicknaming myself but it would be nice to be offered a knighthood/damehood in such circumstances. A simple message of 'following your momentous achievement the palace has called... Etc' with a yes/no option to add Sir/Dame to your manager name. Things like would just make the game feel a bit more alive. Also please make it possible to rest players in an international team in between matches, especially at tournaments.
  10. I will see if that makes a difference. As said before, my laptop isn't really appropriate for running the game and I'll probably just have to accept some performance issues. However I still don't really understand why it is not affecting all my saves, especially saves which are larger and longer in terms of player numbers and length of time. Thanks for your help.
  11. I have uploaded the saves as Gran2 - Southampton.fm and Gran2 - Burnley.fm. Will holiday later if I have time.
  12. Potentially. The issues only appeared after completing one season (with Burnley) and three seasons (in the Southampton one), so it's not the simplest thing to check.
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