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  1. Trying to sign Alex Schlager. He's been denied a work permit as he apparently hasn't played 70% of Austria's games in the last two years. However, by my calculations, he's played 100% of their 23 games over the last two years, so... what gives? Save uploaded as Alex Farrell - NorwichRich.fm
  2. They won the Scottish Cup, beating us in the final. Knocked us out of the League Cup before losing the final to Hamilton. We both made it to the Europa Second Knockout Round. I guess the cups must have tipped it? I mean one of the Old Firms we won 7-0!
  3. Not bitter/it's a team game etc. But seriously how are these calculated? I assume reputation plays a part? Monthly awards seem to be purely based on how many points you get but the yearly one makes no sense. I just won the Scottish Premiership, unbeaten, with Celtic. Now yeah obviously it's Celtic so it's expected but, Gerrard just got the Football Writer's Manager of the Year. They've had a fantastic season and we only won the league because we managed to win all four Old Firms, but surely in reality I'd have won? I know it's not as special as Rodgers did it a few years ago, but still.
  4. New main series, Going Local, 20 years, 20 trophies, 8 countries and we can only sign local players!
  5. Literally just had this happen. Went back and watched on full match and we simply didn't score the third goal. Supposedly was Orlandini in the 89th minute. Italy v Poland.pkm
  6. Has been long in need of a major overhaul. Some suggestions: 1. There needs to be at the very very least the option to rest players between international games. I can see why having full training for internationals might cause issues (it should still be entirely workable though). But the rest is a must. If my club side can play three games in a week with minimal fitness complications, my international side shouldn't all be about to die 10 minutes after kick off because they played a game 4 days ago. It is not realistic to have to fully rotate your side for a World Cup quarter final (and i
  7. Apparently this is a "shock" defeat to a Villa side "guaranteed to be relegated" despite the fact that they were above us in the table before the game and literally cannot be relegated.
  8. My goalkeeper said he wanted to strengthen the left wing so I signed Joe Adams on loan, who instantly became our best left winger. For some absurd reason this apparently didn't fulfil the promise and now he's demanding a transfer. If, as I assume, it's because this was a loan signing then that is beyond a joke.
  9. Start of fifth season and my pre-season team meeting just says there isn't a suitable reason to hold a team meeting. The liaison officer then says it might be a good idea to hold one, but there are no options to click if you do. Save uploaded as Alex Grant - Norwich2 If this prevents me from doing a team meeting all season that's very game breaking.
  10. Was managing Kidderminster and was offered the Plymouth job in January, taking over at the end of the season (20th May). Completed the season with Kidderminster, winning the Vanarama North title and getting promoted. Meanwhile, Plymouth got relegated to League Two. Because I took over before the league reset date (24th June) I am now being credited for a relegation I had nothing to do with. Meanwhile this seems totally bugged up, saying I haven't won a league or been promoted, even though I have.
  11. Not an exaggeration to say that at least 60% of goals I concede are from either a thrown-in straight to an opposition, or a long goal kick that does likewise (regardless of the instructions).
  12. Can only echo this. My goalkeeper in particular just constantly boots the ball aimlessly despite having shorter passing, distribute to full backs/centre backs as instructions. And the rest of the team aren't much better. Set passing to the shortest possible and in the next highlight every single pass was a ridiculous punt to nowhere.
  13. New main series for this year, Norwich City - Bouncing Back. Can we get back to the PL and can we do it only signing British & Irish players to escape those pesky Brexit rules? Episode 1
  14. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this but I've just started a save with Norwich and was confused as to why they are apparently set to fail FFP. Obviously it's the start of the season so things may sort themselves out but given they spent very little money in the PL, have taken £40m in sales from Godfrey and Lewis, plus the parachute payments, and overall being one of the most sustainable clubs in the country, I really don't think this makes any sense. Looking at the accounts stuff I can see where the loss over 2 years has come from, but there's literally nothing anywhere I can see sugge
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