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  1. Hey everyone, i'm looking to buy FM 18 since it's been released on November 10 last week, but as a devoted "long-term save" player then you should know that i'm more interested in regens player than the real one. And also that the regens graphic were not appeared in the beta release so i think this is the right time for my curiousity regarding the reveal of the regens appearance. So i'm wondering if some of you guys (who've bought and play FM 18) can do me a favor by taking some screenshots of the regens' face from the game, because i'd like to compare this year's version to the FM 17's regens which we all know are truly a disappointment. I'd like to see the: caucasian, asian, african, and south american's face. And also the regens' staff to compare the "old" and "young" faces. Oh, and the fastest way to find out (no need to wait for the youth intake day) is that you need to start a new save with all FAKE players so everybody in the game are regens only. I hope that some of you can help me with this so i can decide whether i need to try the FM18 or to skip this year's release albeit any so-called improvements in other aspects of the game. It's simply because in 2034/35 season, i don't want any of my player looks like a Zombified Asian-African. Thanks.
  2. Couldn't agree more with this. Especially the mental attributes, i just realize that even any best regen, example: a defender regen is compared with a real life defender who's only decent or fairly good then the regen is easily have the worse mental like lower aggression, concentration, and/or composure. All the regens in the game only have upper hand on physical attributes than their real life counterparts, and that is kind of useless because strong players will easily get outsmarted by more creative and mentally-able players.
  3. Fun Fact: in FM17 United will always have the best regen in England who gonna end up in reserves with their potential wasted because United always have 1-2 big transfers every summer
  4. I forgot that! and that is not quite good too because the complete forward-type or false nine will be rare in the game's future because most of the regen ST are either target man, poacher, or defensive forward. And most of them are poorly rated in passing.
  5. Well hello stats guy I'm still hoping that there will be changes in FM18 regarding this issue tbh Maybe people are often overlook this kind of thing in the game because they don't pay attention enough to the numbers, kind of ironic considering FM is essentially a statistical simulation game.
  6. Hi guys, i love playing FM especially when it's in the future (e.g. 7-10 years from original database) where the regens/newgens are beginning to take the football world, the reason i like this type of game is because i love developing those hideous looking kids into some WC players if they have the talents needed, or in this case, sufficient Potential Ability. But somehow until FM 17, the "template" (i don't know how to call it) used to generate all the random numbers so the regens have their related attributes when they're appearing on the youth intake day so they can be perceived on their natural position, well the "template" is kinda obsolete and does not represent/recreate the original database and (it's always been like this since past FM). Here are the problems i found that need to be addressed: 1. Lack of Natural Inside Forwards (well, "lack" is a bit understated, maybe "rare" is the correct term): 9 of 10 AMR/AML regens is a Classic Winger, the right footed on the right and vice versa with their Classic Winger stats as well (RUN, CROSS, RUN) so the chance that they can be retrained to the opposite flank is not so good because they can't shoot the ball, it's better to retrain some fast strikers to Inside Forward role, i mean, most of the teams in the world no longer/rarely use the Classic Winger on their attack, we all know 2 of the GOAT right now are Inside forwards and other WC players like Hazard, Neymar, Alexis, so please do update on this AMR/AML newgens because i feel a bit annoyed if i found a WC potential AML/AMR regens who's only good at crossing and running but ***** at direct penetrating. 2. Lack of Natural Wing Backs: Still related to No. 1, because of the Classic Winger role is considered as not-so modern role, the duty of winger to cross the ball from wide is now become the usual work of the full backs (on the Wing Back role in the game), so the IF will cuts inside, then the Fullback bombs forward to provide width and anticipate to cross the ball from out wide, the problem is the full back regens generated in the game are MOSTLY a Classic Full Back, most of them have ridiculously low attributes on dribbling, crossing, quickness because they are born to be classic full back who always stays at the back and try to clear the ball, and if somehow a FB regens who have potential to be WC player then it's absolutely disappointing since they'll eventually have only fairly decent attributes of a modern wing back and will never be a great attacking full back like Marcelo or Dani Alves. 3. Lack of Central Defenders who can pass: The central defenders are no longer an ultra defensive unit in the team, right now the central defenders considered as a first line in the build up play, but in the game, it's more of the same like issue number 2, most of the CD regens is a Classic CD who have very low attributes on passing, first touch, and even lower on technique, THAT is NOT how modern defender play, they need to be all-rounded, not just tall and strong. 4. Too many player who has great potential gonna choke on big games): This is the issue that make me realize that i have to play god by using FMRTE because of the Important Matches Attributes are frustratingly low on some great regens, and this is painfully disturbing because if you have some Messi-esque regen who regularly bang goals in the league but he'll never score or have low match rating when he is playing a derby or some final stages, i get it that not all player can handle pressure of a derby day, but come on, i've seen in the FMRTE that way too many players who have potential ability above 160 only have 5-7 important match attribute, and you should know that this attributes is fixed and won't improve. 5. Too many Inconsistent but somehow talented players. 6. All Regens only have 1 natural positions. Maybe you're thinking that i'm just don't understand the basic principle of statistics, the normal curve or stuff, but when i said too many, then it's true, that "too many" is another form of "It shouldn't be too many". And go find yourself about this issues, use FMRTE or Genie Scout, i know that i'm not alone in this because i've read the few same threads on the bugs forum but never got the proper attention. Heck, even there were a guy who do statistical research on that low important matches attributes and he compared the regen on his database with the original database and find out that the "template" needs to be revamped. And yeah, i know that Training in the game can change one or two things above, but it won't help much, i assure you that. So that's all what i've found, and i get it that not every player is the same, but i just want the regens to be accurately depicts the real-life modern football, and i believe that most of the FM players doesn't want to have a team full of great players but can only do 1990-ish playing style.
  7. Here's my formation, roles and main squad: southampton Here's my team instruction: instructions So guys, i'm into my third season with Southampton, so far so good, i won PL+FA Cup on my first year, and i won all of the trophies (5) on the second season including CL, and my squad is based on 17.3.1 update so yeah there's Gabbiadini and i also managed to get Gary Cahill and Moussa Dembele (Frenchman striker not the Belgian midfielder) on my first season so there's maybe not too much changes on my Soton squad. And i've been playing with 2 tactics (the other one is 424 Wide with Winger) and 4123 (Inside forwards) being my main tactic, well i'm wondering if there's any advice or tips which can be applied to my 4123 tactic since it's sometimes inconsistent with chances (too much long shots, and struggling when facing defensive team) I've succeeded (luckily) on winning trophies but i don't believe in "dont fix it if it isn't broken", i believe that changes are needed to be made because i won't spend big on transfer windows like other PL clubs so i'm looking for any "tweaks" which maybe can help my tactic becomes more effective in the next season. Here's my result from the past 2 seasons My first season: 30W 4D 3L 72 goals 10 conceded. My 2nd season: 2nd season table I'd like to play possession+attacking football but also taking caution in the defending because i really avoid being conceded more than any teams on the table . And somehow i really need those advice from more experienced FM player like you guys because i just love to learn something "new" about the game and also if there is any tactical principality that maybe i've quite misunderstood on this game because i need to maximize the effectiveness of my tactic and my players. Are there: any player roles needed to be changed? team instruction to add/remove? any player instruction to add? or any of your insight on how to improve this tactic! Thank you
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