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  1. SO: A few months ago, I had an issue with a save that had a crash issue. Now going to lie, I kind of forgot about it. I found the supposedly fixed file in Filezilla, and used the resource archiver (Extract Archive > [game file] > Load > Archive to Games > Select). Then I get a message "Extracted Archive to Folder" but it doesn't show up in FM nor in the [Documents > SI > FM18 >] Games folder.
  2. Yes, but they have not caused any troubles up to this point. It's just changed league rules for the United States.
  3. On my save the game always crashes on June 4th, 2023. I tried using the backup files and I tried holidaying past the date but they don't work. It always crashes on June 4th.
  4. Hey, could you attach the file for this? I want to use it for a simulation (don't really care about the missing competitions)
  5. Yes, can someone please just put up the xml file so we can download it -thanks
  6. There doesn't seem to be a "data" folder under FM18...
  7. I want there to be an option in the editor to set up drafts for a league (like in the MLS). Example: Number of rounds, serpentine/fixed, max player age etc. I also think it should be made easier to change a nation's continent. For example, say I want to move the Chinese Super League into UEFA so they can play in the champions league, that's not possible. I know it's more complex but it would be cool to be able to create your own nation without taking out some other nations. And if this is not going to work, maybe at least have the option to change the name origin type (Slavic, Spanish, Germanic, Chinese, etc.) I would like it to be possible to add logos to clubs and competitions that you set up in the editor i.e. I created a new team in the editor but using the skinning method for logos doesn't work with created clubs. But probably the top addition I want in FM is for women's players + teams to be included so I can play in leagues like the NWSL and Bundesliga Frau.
  8. How can this be downloaded because i don't want to buy an expensive software like Winrar is there a way to just download it and move it into editor data?
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