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  1. Hello, I want to report an error: FIFA Club World Cup 2022 is never played, he directly goes for FIFA Club World Cup 2023 without playing the 2022 edition. Hope SI team will fix this soon. Thanks.
  2. Hello I want to report for a 3rd time an error who is always here in FM 2019 Mobile but an error who I reported since FMM 2017 and FMM 2018 and really hope to see this finally fixed for FM 2019 mobile for make the game more realistic. The World Cup (32 teams) final table is uncorrect and 2 quarter-finals are not like the real life: - On the game, the winner of round of 16 "1st Group A vs 2nd Group B" plays against the winner of the round of 16 "1st Group D vs 2nd Group C" in quarter finals (W51 vs W52 in the screenshoot). But it's incorrect...... In the real final table (so in real life) the winner of round of 16 "1st Group A vs 2nd Group B" must be play against the winner of round of 16 "1st Group C vs 2nd Group D" in the quarter-finals (so W49 vs W50 in the screenshoot) - The same for the winner of the round of 16 "1st Group B vs 2nd Group A" who plays against the winner of the round of 16 "1st Group C vs 2nd Group D" in the quarter-finals on the game (W49 vs W50 in the screenshoot) instead of to play against the winner of round of 16 "1st Group D vs 2nd Group C". I made a screenshoot here with the uncorrect things who are present in the game (in red and orange) and I hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hello everybody, here i maked an article about bugs to fix and improvement suggestions for the game, especialy for international teams competitions, for a more realistic game. Sorry for my bad english
  4. Need of a lot of fixes for national teams competitions, 1) WORLD CUP FINAL TABLE ERROR World Cup final table (since round of 16) this is a programmation error. In the image, this is the correct table, with the red line, the wrong inversed schedule on the game to fix. This error make the game unrealistic infortunately. 2) HOST COUNTRY FOR SOME NATIONAL TEAM COMPS We want to look host country for Oceanian Cup, Copa America, Asian Nations Cup, North American GoldCup, and for the Nations League final 4 (semi finals and finals schedule) in the competition menu, like it's already done for World Cup for example (3th screenshot) 3) INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS HOST COUNTRIES ON THE GROUP A ! EURO Championship, Africa Nations Cup, Copa America, North American GoldCup: host country must be ON THE GROUP A ! For a more realistic gameplay. I don't have screenshot, but Cameroon hosts African Nations Cup 2019 and the draw can put them in a random group (can be the C, the B or other). But ecause they are host country they always must be on the group A for the 2019 edition (and Guinea always on the A for the 2023 edition) and not another group like is now posible actualy on the game. The EURO Championship have the same problem with host countries. Only World Cup have the correct and realistic group A schedule for that (I talked about this on the 1st point but the problem of World Cup is the final table schedule who is not realistic). The North American GoldCup, Copa America, Asian Nations Cup have the same problem too but in worst because they dont have host country. 4) PROBLEM WITH AFRICAN NATIONS CUP 2019 MODULO 4 (---> 2023, 2027, 2031 ETC...) WINNER CAN'T PLAY CONFEDERATIONS CUP 2 YEARS LATER Please fix too, African team for Confederations Cup must be the African Cup winner and not a substitute team. I suggest African Nations Cup must start on the middle of July and end on the middle of August for not interact with Confederations Cup. Because like you can watch on this 2 screenshoots, Algeria won African Cup of Nations 2019 but Cape-Verde is qualificated for substitute Algeria because Algeria plays African Cup of Nations 2021 and cannot play Confederations Cup in the same time. 5) Please fix Confederations Cup 2021, must be in the same country of the World Cup 2022 I dont have screenshot but in my database, Confederations Cup 2021 was in Qatar and World Cup 2022 in Australia. I would be more realistic if Australia hosts Confederations Cup 2021 and World Cup 2022. 6) RUSSIA AND UKRAINE UEFA POLICY Ukraine and Russia cant be on the same group because of political problems (UEFA Policy) 7) EURO 2024: WILL BE HOSTED BY GERMANY OR TURKEY CANDIDATE COUNTRY (OFFICIALY CONFIRMED BY UEFA) The EURO 2024 will take place in Germany or Turkey candidate country (officialy confirmed by UEFA who will choose host country in September 2018) but on the game we have Spain host country possible. It's not realistic and it must be fix. Thanks for reading ! If you have any other suggestions you can post it in commentaries.
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