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  1. Huge problem. Please help me

    I think it is ok now. Looks like the problem was whenever I started a new game another football manager folder would appear and then dissapear when the game was over. That also explains why the logos were not showing up. I deleted the imposter folder. Although I downloaded that 9,000 logo thing and the only ones I have outside of the EPL are Shaktar,Tom,Koln and Toluca. Very odd, but I don't really care about that too much
  2. About 2 weeks ago my computer was fried with a virus and I lost everything. I was able to regain football manager with my steam account but without my saved game. I have now started 2 new games since my computer has come back and have now lost both. What's going on? I started a game and was able to load it once to play it but after session 2 and when I went back for session 3 the game was no longer there. So I started a new game, mid game I was unable to save it. It said "game unable to be saved". Was it because I was screwing around with trying to get the premier league team logos on there mid-game? The name of my saved game is in the files, but I cannot load it when I get to the game screen.
  3. ok I extracted the files into the graphics folder and it still isnt appearing in the game. There used to be a step by step process instructions but those are gone now. Can smeone help me out? This is 2010 BTW
  4. I just started a game that has 89,000 players. Is this going to be an issue at all?
  5. Worst I ever seen was Ascoli with 8 points in the Serie A. Lost the first 25 matches, then turned it on getting 8 points in 13
  6. Yeah I considered putting Neymar at the AML. Momo is fading anyway. I would then play Vucinic or Ismail Unver(newgen) at the striker role. De Rossi at the DM and Skejbred in the Wilshere role. My season is only 2 games from complete and its has been a dissapointment, finishing 6th or 7th. But I will use this tactic for my next season. Because I have the players. I want to run soemthing just like this system. I think your system will greatly help me, because I feel like I am not getting the best out of De Rossi and Skejbred with my current tactic, Hazard is already phenomenol but with your system I can use all 3 plus Nani and Neymar to their fullest potential.
  7. I desire the have the same thing. I am building the same thing at Roma. Your post has been very helpful and I will implement much of it into my team. For my team Hazard is the soul of my team, the Fabregas role. De Rossi is the DMC. Wingers for me include Nani,Momo,Obinna and Donovan. Neywar is my forward, Vucinic is the backup. I will use your fluid tactit for sure. I have 3 attackings mids like you, but at the moment play De Rossi and Skejbred or Pizarro beside him. I need to encorportae your model. Question: Should I set the full bakcs to the wing back role? Often my attacks can fizzle out when I start crossing the ball too much. The soul of the team shifts to my wingbacks Motta adn Riise rather than Hazard. Should I set crossing to rarely?
  8. 2014 Brazil 15th and Spain 18th

    Mali 7th? Do they have some really good newgen?
  9. I support West Brom. I am Roma in the game
  10. Actually my Roma team are great at penalties. But when it was most important against Inter, De Rossi misses. We would later concede late on a corner kick header to lose 2-1
  11. Play pretty football, dominate for most of every match and yet concede stupid goals off of headers and end of losing. Always happens
  12. what team has come close in real life? If Doncaster can get promoted from the Championship