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  1. i'm 29 and i'm banned by my girlfriend from playing. i play by proxy by reading the posts lol in terms of first fm games played you're all amateurs: i remember playing as anco united when i was about 12 years old on my amiga. does anyone else remember this?
  2. Square one

    if you read the link i placed above then you'd see that moses is a holy figure for jews, christians and moslems alike. 14 years old? doesn't say much for the english education system.
  3. Square one

    stop the crap moses! why? this is a forum for free thought and i just wondered [erroneously] if this moses guy could partnered with beattie in my blades side. you live and learn...
  4. Square one

    eccy thump, it's right what they said about the internet being a powerful tool, look what i just found: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses
  5. Square one

    moses? who does he play for?
  6. Ever Killed A Team?

    pretty much every english game i play i do the same to chelsea, just to restore the balance in the prem. it's not so straightforward but very much fun. release all the players i can, set those i can't release's asking prices to zero and offer them to everyone when they have pretty much have no players left i buy someone from a non-playable league for 50-60 million and then sign free transfer guff players on 5-year 125k p/w contracts just to insure they fail. it really helps me in terms of longevity of my game just watching them nosedive. usually they end up as league one also-rans and bankrupt. priceless!
  7. as-salaam aleykum. i've just tried these googen tactics with the demo and they seem to be working very well indeed. had a go with sheffield united and was thumping everyone: p10-w9-d1-l0. i then changed to napoli and was doing slightly less well, but was still in 6th place after ten games. anyway, my brother just called me and he says that football manager is being sold in edinburgh, so i'm off to get it bought. peace.