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  1. Why would they do a North and South regonalised draw if it didn't matter? The 25 winners from the Second Round are then joined by the seven Premier League sides in Europe this season to make 32, and make it a conventional knockout competition from that point on. In addition, the first and second rounds are conducted within North and South regions to reduce travel times where possible.
  2. So Brentford, Crystal Palace and Colchester must be northern?
  3. https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/2019/8/13/20803693/how-to-watch-carabao-cup-second-round-draw-time-tv-channel-live-stream-everton-aston-villa-west-ham?fbclid=IwAR2jt0HnwrzcjTI28l9E_SWCzJEFM-5_M1pkPL6NDwgHRcNhn8e7AkIBZGU It shows you a North and South draw as did the first link.
  4. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/carabao-cup-draw-in-full-2nd-round-fixtures-dates-premier-league-teams-a4212606.html
  5. This is the 2020/21 season. Second round League Cup Draw. The rule is North and South clubs don't meet until the 3rd round. You had it right for first season so how has it messed up second season?
  6. How the league cup 2nd round is wrong for England. How they haven't fixed it for 18 years. League Cup 1st and 2nd rounds do not include North vs South in real life that only starts for the 3rd round. The first season was fine and yet somehow they've managed to mess up 2nd season.
  7. When are you lot actually going to put any effort into actually fixing this game? You had it right in the first season now into the second season and you still can't get it right after a damn patch. Every year it's the same this goes back to 2001/02 version and you still haven't fixed it 18 years later. I suggest you look at some actual facts before making a game next year.
  8. My game is saying i have a Chris Brunt Testimonial against West Brom but were in same league, if i cancel it will they arrange another one for him against someone else or will this be it?
  9. I know i'm seeing a few North vs South matches in the first 2 rounds of the Carabao Cup which shouldn't happen also does anyone get a bye in both Cup Competitions because Bury are gone?
  10. I know i'm seeing a few North vs South matches in the first 2 rounds of the Carabao Cup which shouldn't happen also does anyone get a bye in tboth Cup Competitions because Bury are gone?
  11. Is there going to be an update to fix all the bugs that's been recorded or is it just being left?
  12. Just had this pop up on a game and wondering if anyone else has had the same issue? If there's a way to resolve it? Seeing as the league cup draw for the first 2 rounds is split into the north and south sections this shouldn't be happening.
  13. I put the CD in my PC it's windows 7 and it will not load at all, it sounds like it's loading then goes completely silent i think they've released a dodgy batch of discs unless there's a new way of getting it to work. Steam won't even do anything either and i've reinstalled it. My friends having the same issue also.
  14. Who did the research for Owls on this game? We are supposed to have a Rich Owner In real life, So the game gives you £4 million yet spend a tiny bit of that and you go Into debt of 4 to 5 million over season and he wants you to finish mid-table. Come 2nd season, In real life he want's promotion yet on this he want's you to finish mid-table again and doesn't give you a penny to spend and next to nothing wages. So I'm stuck with the same squad minus the loans who have now gone from Mid-table to 24th In league no matter what I try. I thought this game Is supposed to be as close to realistic as you get. Because from where where I'm sitting It's gone backwards. The only way you can win Is to cheat, By creating a tactic that computer can't read which also takes the fun out of It.
  15. Right at the beginning of the game i like to look at all my players then looking member of staff who's got highest rating In CA and PA report on him. I've noticed this on a few versions but for example: Bruno Lage at Wednesday says Jack Stobbs (Potential to be a key member of the squad). I load another game up at the start and It changes Bruno Lage now says Jack Stobbs (potential to be a quality player). so I check His PA with Bruno Lage goes from 4 gold stars with 1 black stars at the beginning of one game, then you load another one and it's 4 gold stars and no black. Why does this happen?
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