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  1. ponebrewed

    Curled shots animation?

    It's there, but rare. Usually you have to have a player with the curls shots PPM.
  2. ponebrewed

    Setpiece choices.

    You can do that in the tactics menu
  3. ponebrewed

    Media overhaul required...

    To be fair press conferences are nearly as stupid irl.
  4. ponebrewed

    Penalties and Free kicks

    I take it it would be tricky to code in a penalties only scenario into the ME?
  5. I know this is perhaps beyond the current scope and intention of FM, but it would be neat to be able to play as an assistant coach, or a general manager. I'm not really sure how the mechanics of this would work in game though.
  6. ponebrewed

    Red card variation

    Especially violent conduct, but the issues with that are addressed up above.
  7. There could also be some players who simply have no set position, and it is up to the management team to figure out how he will best be deployed. Perhaps someone with great physical and or mental attributes, but relatively even technical ones.