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  1. Awesome job on back to back Champions League titles! It's awesome you got the Leicester job I read a book on their 2016 run and it has made me appreciate the team a lot more. Good luck mate!
  2. Hey mate I'm from Sydney Australia (obvious from my screen name). If your ever in this part of the world I'd love to take you out for a beer. Also with my wife and I being huge NBA fans we are planning a trip to the US sometime in the next couple of years so would love to swing by and say hi when we do!
  3. Brilliant win mate hopefully you get in with Liverpool. With your resume no job will be untouchable hopefully you get the West Ham job down the line and bring them some glory.
  4. Congratulations from down under mate! My favourite career update of the forums and reading your progress has become a daily habit no joke.
  5. After thinking it over yes it can be justified. It's a case of they tried to go with a somewhat high profile manager in Koeman it failed miserably and looking back to your positive start at Genoa they are thinking to themselves you can do the same if not better with a superior team. As you said it's a 10 game trial and if it doesn't work out they can get another coach in the offseason
  6. Wow real interesting turn of events. For the sake of realism I personally would of taken the Toulouse job. It's a minor step down but still a big enough club to make waves with. But it's your save so you can do whatever the hell you want haha
  7. Tough luck mate hopefully your next team will bring better fortunes.
  8. Wow real rough patch you're going through at the moment. Just curious do you use manager sideline shouts at all? I find it helps with holding onto a lead. I usually use concentrate when i take the lead to try and prevent the opposition getting that quick turnaround goal. I use tighten up for the last 15mins to help close out the game as well. I'm not a great player of fm but maybe you can give them a try and see if it works.
  9. Loving this thread! My fm hate team is Man Utd they've beaten me in UCL finals dozens of times while I've only managed to beat them 3 times haha