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  1. Hi thanks, it was the World Cup season so only 14 games in, the teams around me are on the same points are the place outside the relegation zone are 6 points above me, I have attached the a picture of the 2 tactics I have been running & the team I have been using, any help would be much appreciated!
  2. I really need help with my team, I’ve just been promoted, I’m in January, I’ve won 2 games all season, drawn 1 & lost the rest, I just lost 8-1 to Liverpool who had 65 shots, can someone help me get out of this mess? Tactically I think I need help, I’m never normally in this situation because I’m used to playing with teams near the top, thanks!
  3. i was wondering if wanted to do an online game with me, hit me up & we can jump in a call together.
  4. The game runs really really smooth but as soon as I enter a game it goes really slow and buggy and towards the second half it just crashes my whole computer, it is really frustrating and the game is unplayable
  5. Every time I set up a new game it just crashes my computer, I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, I've wiped everything of my pc, I have over 200 hours of playing time but now it just stops working, it's really frustrating because the game is not unplayable
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