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  1. I have gone striker less with Liverpool hence the good numbers from him. Here is some of my tactic. If anybody is interested I can give more details and make it available to download.
  2. Attached are my screenshots of Harry Wilson!!
  3. Wilson is good. I play him as shadow striker. He is my backup to Mo Salah. I will post screenshots later. Definitely worth giving game time to!!
  4. Lille could be a good save. Good young players and chairman is a type of sugar daddy!!!
  5. I can help please post screenshot of your tactic so I can give feedback
  6. Hiya, I use fm17 but have very similar roles. I am not sure what your mentality is or team instructions. Maybe change ST to Complete Forward Support, LB to Wingback Support, also RM Winger to attack
  7. What team are you? And what formation are you guys using?
  8. I have got him good. I used him at Middlesborough as a Winger Support on the right
  9. I asked a similar question a month or two back. You should drop the DL MC to the DM strata. Take pass into space and run with the ball off. Switch Tempo to Normal. Tell me how it goes
  10. Hiya another question about home grown status. Does a player going out on loan affect the home grown status as a player i want to loan out is not club trained yet.
  11. Here is the tactic I alternate between control and standard depending on the opposition
  12. Here are the majority of average ratings My tactics were a conte style 3-5-2 that I tweaked after consulting on here and slack
  13. So very happy with the position here are my transfers Jakupovic only left in the summer
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