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  1. great thanks for update but got to wait for si to fix the files not showing on create a club so i can use it :(
  2. Summary:unable to choose either base database or update when starting new create a club game Description of Issue: on career mode you have the option of choosing which database to use either the original database when game releases and the winter update released recently on create a club there is not this option
  3. how do you start the game with default database when on create a club as no option is given like on career mode
  4. morning all how can you get a create a club save using the default starting database since the update as editor data i use is pre transfer updates
  5. will you be able to create a welsh lower leagues similar to classens databases
  6. San marino 1 league rather than 2 groups home and away fixtures Representative prize money
  7. hi all creating a club save but when i start a new game it keeps the previous clubs history i have tryed it with both keep club history on and off and same problem any help?
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