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  1. What specs are best for running fm 2019 all league's please help I have no clue what I'm looking for
  2. Looking to buy a gaming pc for fm 2018 to play all top league's and all England's is this good enough or can anyone recommend a good one thanks Game without limits with the breathtakingly powerful Cyberpower Revolution Xtreme Gaming PC. Overclocked, water cooled CPU The Revolution Xtreme is powered by an overclocked Intel® Core™ i7-4820K. Overclocking turns the volume up to 11 on an already blisteringly fast quad-core chip, allowing it to run at a mind-blowingly rapid 4.5 GHz. Capable of handling games and software with effortless speed and efficiency, it's the ultimate choice for any serious gamer. Increasing the clock speed to such impressive levels requires significant cooling and, befitting of a rig rammed full of the latest and most impressive PC technology, the Revolution Xtreme features CPU liquid cooling. Designed to specifically maintain optimal running temperatures of the i7-4820K, the liquid-cooling set-up ensures viscously fast yet reliable computing no matter the process or game. Ready for the future Multitasking and demanding applications are dealt with by a huge 16 GB of RAM that provides a smooth, instant computing experience across the board. While 8 GB is plenty for gaming, you can relax in the knowledge that the combination of highly-strung processor and 16 GB of RAM won't need upgrading for the foreseeable future. High-end GPU The Revolution Xtreme is ready for gaming straight out of the box thanks to a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 graphics card. Featuring 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM, 1536 CUDA cores, NVIDIA PhysX and new GPU Boost technology, it's ready for even the most demanding PC blockbusters. It also features the case and cooling from NVIDIA's flagship GPU, the Titan, for effective and silent running along with an imposing finish to match the chassis' cool blue LEDs and water cooling cables. Serious storage File storage is provided by an ample 1 TB HDD and provides plenty of room for games, media, files and anything else you need. Supporting the HDD is a handy 128 GB SSD. Perfect for installing the OS, regularly used games or favourite programs, it ensures the fastest possible boot up and files access, giving you the instant computing experience you need. Gaming with Windows Windows 8.1 is the perfect OS for serious gaming. Pared back and less demanding on resources than previous editions, it lets the components work on what's important. The start screen now features Live Tiles, handy windows into your favourite programs and games that deliver important info and updates straight to your desktop ¿ perfect for chatting or keeping up to date with stats on the fly. Convenient connections Competing against friends online is fast and reliable courtesy of the Gigabit Ethernet port while backing up data is faster than ever with the fourteen USB ports, four of which are high performance USB 3.0. How you connect to your monitor is completely up to you as the Revolution Xtreme features HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort connections for highly detailed, easy to manage multi-monitor set-ups. Experience the power and performance of the high-end Cyberpower Revolution Xtreme Gaming PC.
  3. Can anyone please help me I'm looking to buy a pc to run football manager 2017 a decent one I have no idea what to buy or about computers in general please can someone help
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