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  1. I'm writing this on behalf of a friend who plays fm21. Ive not had this issue myself and find it bizarre So he was playing as Darlington and the game kept getting stuck awaiting media reaction following his fa cup 2nd qualifying match against Gainsborough on October 3rd. After a few attempts of replaying this match it kept happening so he decided to holiday until October 4th. The game just couldn't get past October 3rd Frustrated he decided to start a new game as Dartford and holiday until October 4th so he knew it was a bug in his Darlington game and that this game wou
  2. Not sure to be honest but they batter most teams and havent been getting great ratings until post patch.
  3. In first game i saw since patch last night a striket for my reserves got a 10. At first glance he had scored 1 in a 6-0 win and i thought oh dear its gone extreme the other way. On closer inspection he also got 4 assists so to answer your question a goal and 4 assists gets a 10.
  4. I've been searching the internet for answers to my following question but can't find any so thought I would stick it in this thread. Do my manager attributes in particular Player and Youth knowledge increase as the game progresses. I have started with 5 in Player knowledge and 3 in Youth knowledge and would love to think they will increase as i'm not enjoying seeing nearly no attributes for players at my level (Conf North/South) I love a good old fashioned player search based on attributes even if it is a broad range. I know you can turn attribute masking on / off but tha
  5. Going to give this a go Play the game fairly slowly with very limited success so don't expect to see Buxton in the football league anytime soon. Just in cast though here is my starting profile Its all about playing 4-4-2 for me as well
  6. Hi there FM has become quite stale for me (not because im any good) and play it rather slowly. The thought of not having to worry about scouting and transfers intrigues me, should speed my play up and make me concentrate on the tactical / development side of the game. What are the best leagues to try this challenge in for speed of play?. A 46 game league season in England doesn't really appeal. Cheers
  7. Hi Guys Instead of starting a thread on the following I thought I would post in this one and was hoping for some advice on a few questions/issues Very briefly Ive been playing FM/CM since the very first addition, last year I struggled and this year well in my 3 attempts so far the longest I have last is about 8 months and that was only because the board couldn't afford to sack me! Im definitely not any sort of tactical whizz although I would like to think Ive got a decent understanding of football, so where is it all going wrong? Ive read over the last year or so a hell of a lot of the guide
  8. One of my new regens. Not good enough to keep but im tempted for obvious reasons http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd14/eddiewakeley/WanKinHo_OverviewAttributes.png
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