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  1. Not sure to be honest but they batter most teams and havent been getting great ratings until post patch.
  2. In first game i saw since patch last night a striket for my reserves got a 10. At first glance he had scored 1 in a 6-0 win and i thought oh dear its gone extreme the other way. On closer inspection he also got 4 assists so to answer your question a goal and 4 assists gets a 10.
  3. I've been searching the internet for answers to my following question but can't find any so thought I would stick it in this thread. Do my manager attributes in particular Player and Youth knowledge increase as the game progresses. I have started with 5 in Player knowledge and 3 in Youth knowledge and would love to think they will increase as i'm not enjoying seeing nearly no attributes for players at my level (Conf North/South) I love a good old fashioned player search based on attributes even if it is a broad range. I know you can turn attribute masking on / off but that doesnt interest me. Cheers
  4. Going to give this a go Play the game fairly slowly with very limited success so don't expect to see Buxton in the football league anytime soon. Just in cast though here is my starting profile Its all about playing 4-4-2 for me as well
  5. Hi Guys Instead of starting a thread on the following I thought I would post in this one and was hoping for some advice on a few questions/issues Very briefly Ive been playing FM/CM since the very first addition, last year I struggled and this year well in my 3 attempts so far the longest I have last is about 8 months and that was only because the board couldn't afford to sack me! Im definitely not any sort of tactical whizz although I would like to think Ive got a decent understanding of football, so where is it all going wrong? Ive read over the last year or so a hell of a lot of the guides on here which whilst I find fascinating to read, clearly aren't helping me too much when I put the ideas into practice. * - One of the first things I find when starting a game is that the players very quickly don't want to play for me. They don't listen to me, when they do come and talk to me I upset them etc etc. Whenever I start a new game I start on automatic rep, could this be my first mistake? especially when taking over a top tier side. Do most of you having success start as an ex-international? I know this is not strictly tactics and training but something is stopping these players from playing for me. * - As soon as I start with a team I analyse the squad and from their decide what tactics I should play. Im very flexible with this. For example I started a save with Preston and straight away realized Kevin Davies was too good for the division so decided that 4-4-2 would be my chosen way to incorporate him. I also had decent wingers. I then also set up a 4-2-3-1 as this is a formation that makes sense to me and I also chose a 3 at the back system as a back up. One of these would have been fluid attacking (the 4-4-2), one rigid Control (probably the 4-2-3-1) and one balanced counter (3-5-2). Is this a total error of my ways. Should I instead just set up one set of tactics, or 3 sets of the same formation with different player roles, or maybe 3 sets of the same formation with different playing styles or am right to set up 3 completely different formations. arrrgggghhhhhh im annoying myself writing this as im so clueless. * - Once ive set up my chosen way to play I obviously play a few pre-season matches and every thing seems to be in order. I will smash a couple of non league teams and think to myself at last Ive cracked it my team are playing so beautifully, treat the wife and kids to some take-away to watch in front of X-Factor so I can start marching up the league in peace. 3 games into the season proper Ive lost 4-1 at home, 3-0 away and flucked a 0-0. My team is getting absolutely battered al over the place. This is the time I start deleting learned tactics and start creating new ones. In my previos mentioned now deleted Preston save I think by the end of it, (about 45 games) I had created about 7 different tactics. I know this a big no no, but the question is should I not just be persevering with my tactics making little adjustments or if ive just been smashed twice in a row against teams I should be getting results against (and im not just talking score but getting smashed in every department) should I then be going back to the drawing board. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer me a few words of wisdom. Im not and never will be a massive tactics man, im guessing you can have great success in the game creating a tactic and the not doing too much with it, a few little tweaks here and there maybe depending on opposition. I just want to be average at this game but im not. Please help
  6. One of my new regens. Not good enough to keep but im tempted for obvious reasons http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd14/eddiewakeley/WanKinHo_OverviewAttributes.png
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