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  1. Yep I have an older version of this save but I'm not sure how far back it dates (only 4 days difference between this thread upload and the date of the save). The issue did seem to resolve itself by the next transfer window though The file name is also called 'Hurtaaa.fm'
  2. Is this a bug/glitch? Or has it got something to do with ffp? I don't think the game processed one of my player sales so I assume it hasn't been registered
  3. Tbh there's gonna be a load people not buying fm21 because of this so SI are just losing money and support by not solving this. Obviously corona makes this difficult now so probably definitely not gonna get fixed this year
  4. Literally only bought a gaming laptop to play fm fssssss. Not buying the next game this has completely killed my enthusiasm for fm. This thread is kinda dead now so is anyone else still having problems or has these updates genuinely helped anyone? Would also be nice to hear from si if they're still working on this and if they're getting complaints elsewhere about this @Neil Brock @Lucas @Jack Joyce ? Honestly don't want to be a rude basterd but this wouldn't still be an issue with any other serious game developers
  5. This is incredibly disappointing tbh. I don't want to be rude because I appreciate what you guys have done and I know this an oversimplification but can you not just bring people in who work on high-level games to sort this out. Personally, I don't really see the point in buying any future games if I can't play it to its full capacity. Currently I can only play on 2d
  6. Ahhhh it was working so smoothly and then the lag hit. It keeps going back n forth between smooth and laggy for me, mostly laggy. I've only played 2 games and I'll test all the tricks that have been listed here but yeah... no luck I'll attach my dxdiag. Also using recommenced settings (high) DxDiag.txt
  7. Yeah still lagging for me. It starts out fine and smooth but halfway through a match lag starts n it doesn't stop (unless I switch to 2D)
  8. Still suffering from some lag on my end. When I get more time I'll play around with settings, drivers etc.. I have got shadows off, crowd low n a few other things. Initially it's fine but then a lag spike happens and it never recovers. I'll make another thread if it's just me suffering n I'll attach dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  9. - Yes - As soon as the beta released + yes I had issues with 19 n 18 - Still a tiny bit of lag on low. Defo not smooth Definitely improved but not smooth. Ima bit busy atm but I'll keep experimenting like everyone else n let u know Also is this the right screeenshot? Also how do you record gameplay in game and export it? Is that the best way to record lag? DxDiag.txt
  10. Loool completely agree with what's been said. I literally only bought a high end gaming laptop so I could play fm on super high graphics and every year since fm17 I've had issues with lag. Even after the fixes on fm19 I still had lag/lag spikes but I didn't play it as much towards the end so I didn't bother raising the issue. Yeah obviously SI are trying n working on it and this may be oversimplifying it a bit but you'd think they could get someone in who works on high end graphic type games to have a look at the issue. Still I'm annoyed but don't wanna hate on SI they're good guys tbf - and hopefully this gets fixed soon it is the beta after all Also it's still laggy for me after the update and I've had my first crash dump
  11. I'm having the exact same issues as mentioned above, playing on nvidia gtx 1050 ti etc.. Not sure if I've got everything recorded but I'll attach a vid, dxdiag, task manager pic and gpu info @Jack Joyce Admittedly the lag doesn't look as bad in this vid but maybe it's cause I've just fired up the game or whatever but it has been waaay worse and it's still not great or smooth Cheers video-1572954569.mp4 DxDiag.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  12. Can you edit 2d kits in the ingame editor? (I know you can for 3d)
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