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  1. Sorry if I came out as rude but I was just genuinely asking if they knew the problem existed and were trying to fix it. I guess reading all the 17 pages of this thread would get me the answer but I thought asking someone would be quicker.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/9pbsps/fm_2019_violates_the_gdpr/
  3. Did Miles just pull a ''the technology simply isn't there yet'' at 09:34?
  4. That and goals from the midfield. It's really rare in real life but it does happen. Never saw it on FM though.
  5. Skipped the 18 version because how disappointing it was. I'm a bit excited but I won't buy the game unless: - Regens are improved - The UI is reworked to be more simple and look more minimalist - Better match engine If these are in the 19 version, I will gladly buy it. If not, it's another skipped year for me.
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