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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/9pbsps/fm_2019_violates_the_gdpr/
  2. Just make it skippable .
  3. I actually like the new UI design but purple? Seriously? Cmon!
  4. Can you post proof please? This is a huge deal for me!!
  5. Did Miles just pull a ''the technology simply isn't there yet'' at 09:34?
  6. That and goals from the midfield. It's really rare in real life but it does happen. Never saw it on FM though.
  7. Will Usain Bolt be in the game?
  8. Skipped the 18 version because how disappointing it was. I'm a bit excited but I won't buy the game unless: - Regens are improved - The UI is reworked to be more simple and look more minimalist - Better match engine If these are in the 19 version, I will gladly buy it. If not, it's another skipped year for me.
  9. Are these suggestions being looked at by the developers? Great stuff!
  10. trickz

    FM18 Regens

    Looks like my answer was answered and the regen faces still look like crap. It blows my mind how a single person can make a better newgen face with A FREE SOFTWARE than an entire gaming studio, just shows how lazy SI really is and how little they care about their fans. Regen faces issues have been addressed numerous of times since FM16 and they never cared, yeah you could argue that this year they are better but just because they are better doesn't mean they are good. But that is to expect, FM doesn't have competition on the market, there isn't another big football management game, so they don't need to worry since people will their game since they don't really have any option. First time in years for me too that I won't buy FM and if things continue like this I will abandon the franchise completly. Best regards.
  11. SI wipes tears of laughter with your money
  12. trickz

    Black 'holes' in pitch

    Now we know why there are so many injuries!
  13. trickz

    2D Classic no stadium

    +1 Put it back