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  1. I've been playing FM2017 Touch for years now and I love it. I've been thinking about upgrading to FM2019 Regular version but I have a few questions. Is 2019 a better game than 2017 and going from Touch to Regular how big a difference is it? Also can i sim the matches like I can in Touch? Is there an add-on that allows it? Thanks for the input. Matt
  2. Has anyone figured out a sure fire way to develop coaches, scouts etc? The only success I've had so far has been very limited but I seem to be able to grow an Assistant Manger if I sign him to a Player/Assistant Manger contract. He will slow get his coaching badges and grow. But I haven't found a way to help grow GM's or Scouts. Has anyone figured out the mechanic to grow coaches? Thanks -Matt FM touch 17
  3. I'm managing a Premier League club and a National team. I resigned from my PL club and applied for a new club with a coaching vacancy. The new club accepted my application but it says I have to wait until my current international tournament ends before my new club contract will start. I'm half way through a world cup cycle. So why do I have to wait two years before joining my new club? I've tried other clubs and they all say this. I do not want to quit my international job. I've held two jobs for years now. Why is it making me wait? Is this a possible bug? Thanks.
  4. I for sure made a rookie mistake. I have figured it out now I think. I keep a closer eye on how much we are gaining/losing each month as a club and adjust my payroll accordingly. I also now use one year deals at lower levels instead of trying to lock up a player forever who is overpriced and wont cut it anyway at higher levels. I probably should have started with an EPL club my first play through instead of starting at the bottom of the national league.
  5. one year i choose to spend the massive transfer budget and really upgrade the squad big time and then I was so in debt the owner sold the club to a rich guy to balance the budget. So the transfer budget is so big but I dont really have it. I wish the game was better in this regard.
  6. It is odd that I have a 1.3b transfer budget and 200mil salary budget; i'm spending only 100mil in salaries and im losing 2mil per month. explain that.
  7. I know some of the attributes of your coaching staff affects it and you need to constantly be upgrading your youth facilities non stop as well. Try some of the tips found here: http://fminside.net/guides/
  8. I've been playing a save for 15 years now; I manage Dag & Red (based in east London) and they have zero rivals. None local or fierce. With all of the London teams out there even ones based in east London its crazy i haven't developed a rivalry with Leyton Orient or West Ham. Does anyone know how long it takes to create one? How many games do you have to play them first or what is the criteria?
  9. How do I create a rivalry with another club?
  10. I manage a lower league club with little to no history and no rivals fierce or local. Is it possible to create one with another club? If so then how? If not do you think it would be something neat to add to the game?
  11. I'm in this boat with my current game. I used the money to improve the team but now I'm losin more money each month mostly due to player contract wages than I'm bringing in so I'm quickly going through the money I bought. I guess lowering the wage bill is all I can do. It just sucks because it's going to cost me results. Maybe my fan support will pick up more.
  12. You can track your expenditures on the finance screen. Without knowing more I'd guess you're spending too much on player salaries but again its just a guess.
  13. Thanks, I'll try to hang on then. I for sure don't want to keep buying funds in order to stay alive. That was a misstep on my part. I grew faster than I could afford to support it. Hopefully the EPL tv money will keep me afloat.
  14. So I started a career with non football side Dagenham & Redbridge. My goal was to take them from the 5th tier and gain promotion as much as I could. Well in short I destroyed the national league pretty easy and won the title mostly with the players I inhabited and a few cheap free agents I bought. Pretty much the same story with League Two as well. I thought i'd start to see trouble in League One but through heavy scouting of the free agent pool I surprisingly did very well in League One and squeaked into the playoffs and gained promotion into the EFL Championship. I never expected to make it this far on the talent I was able to get on my very limited budget but sense I had I decided to see how far I could go. When I saw I was a heavy favored relegation candidate I decided to buy some money from the Steam Store. While it allowed me to gain the players I needed for promotion into the EPL, it wasn't enough to stay there and has proven to be a mistake on my part. Now I am struggling to stay in the EPL but the even bigger problem is that I am losing money every month just paying my players. I am headed for serious financial trouble unless I sell all of my high priced players and start a tumble back down the ladder which of course I don't want to do. I also would hate to get sacked after investing so much time into he club. Will my attendance improve fast enough for things to balance out if I try to hold on for a few seasons in the EPL or am I fighting a losing battle with my finances?
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