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  1. I've been playing FM2017 Touch for years now and I love it. I've been thinking about upgrading to FM2019 Regular version but I have a few questions. Is 2019 a better game than 2017 and going from Touch to Regular how big a difference is it? Also can i sim the matches like I can in Touch? Is there an add-on that allows it? Thanks for the input. Matt
  2. Has anyone figured out a sure fire way to develop coaches, scouts etc? The only success I've had so far has been very limited but I seem to be able to grow an Assistant Manger if I sign him to a Player/Assistant Manger contract. He will slow get his coaching badges and grow. But I haven't found a way to help grow GM's or Scouts. Has anyone figured out the mechanic to grow coaches? Thanks -Matt FM touch 17
  3. I've been playing a save for 15 years now; I manage Dag & Red (based in east London) and they have zero rivals. None local or fierce. With all of the London teams out there even ones based in east London its crazy i haven't developed a rivalry with Leyton Orient or West Ham. Does anyone know how long it takes to create one? How many games do you have to play them first or what is the criteria?
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